The Most Powerful and Smart Tools for Academic Purposes

The Most Powerful and Smart Tools for Academic Purposes

This year promises to bring new writing apps with fresh ideas to make your college life even more comfortable. From meditational atmosphere-supporting apps to apps that can boost your vocabulary and make you sound like modern Shakespeare. Yikes!

While apps like Google Drive and Evernote are as relevant as ever, it’s a good idea to look into the more experimental side of writing tools. Here are some powerful tools to keep your creative juices flowing.


JSTOR and Google Scholar are a thing of the past. This app, which is specifically designed for academics, allows you to look up sources on your train ride home.

Not only that – but it keeps students up to date with the MOST RELEVANT publications, studies, and academic journals. Whether you’re writing an informative or struggling on basic essay format, this app is where it all starts.

Researcher includes academic papers from all kinds of majors for college. If your major requires lots of essay writing – this app is for you.


Every writer needs an inspiring work environment. Some prefer the music of the city; cars driving by and people clanking their spoons against their teacup. Others love nature and rain.

You’ll find all of these environments in Noizo. This is a meditational app which generates ambient music based on your preference.

Yeah we know, there’s plenty of apps like this BUT – with Noizio you can make a personalized mix. Pour the sounds of space into your campfire and let it take you on the ultimate inspirational writing journey.

Hemingway App

While tapping away on your keyboard, it’s easy to miss long drawn out sentences and awkward uses of passive voice. Hemingway app helps eliminate that.

Unlike the 30-bucks-a-month Grammarly, Hemingway is much more friendly to students in that it is free. Just go on their website, paste your text, and see how it works.

This app is handy for blog writers and students. It trains you to communicate more efficiently by using direct and straightforward language. As well as short and bold sentences.


Ginger is by no means an alternative to Hemingway and Grammarly. It’s an app specifically made for study abroad students who are having troubles with English.

Lots of students coming to the USA from other countries use this app to eliminate the language barrier and help them write essays.

Like Google Translate, Ginger translates documents from various popular languages into English and corrects grammar at the same time. Combined with Hemingway or Grammarly, it’s beneficial for study abroad students to improve their language skills.

Thesaurus and RhymeZone

Two classics for all kinds of writers are Thesaurus and RhymeZone. Remember what we said about modern Shakespeare?

When sometimes it’s hard to find the right words, Thesaurus is a lifesaver. Synonyms, antonyms, words with similar meanings and their definitions – all of this can be the ultimate library of not only words but ideas.

Alternatively, RhymeZone has all that and more. From the simplest to the most complex rhymes you can imagine, including also how these rhymes have been used in popular literature and lyrics.

Even if you’re not a writer, you’ll have plenty of fun playing around with words using these tools.


An emerging all-in-one tool with a neat font and style, Ulysses is like the Moleskin of writing instruments.

Explicitly designed for writers, Ulysses includes keyboard navigation which eliminates the need for carrying a mouse. Never get distracted by putting your fingers off the keyboard.

It also includes an old-school typewriter mode which is forever satisfying to write with. Lots of apps have that, but not as slick as Ulysses.

Also, Ulysses has all the writing tools you need – an organizer, the ability to put attachments within the text, set writing goals, and of course automatic saving and backup.

It’s basically a more writer-oriented Google Drive. Check it out!


Plenty of apps have emerged in the period from 2018 to today with more innovative and experimental approaches to writing.

Some focus on meditational features to put writers in the zone. Other apps like Ulysses create an “old school” feel which transforms writing into a whole new experience. But altogether, these apps carry the same message to all writers:

No writing app will do your work for you. But if you practice daily and implement these writing tools in your routine, you will become an unstoppable creative mind.