New Technology Makes Driving in the Elements Safer

New Technology Makes Driving in the Elements Safer

Weather-related car crashes occur over 1 million times per year in the United States alone. But with the implementation of life-saving technology, car manufacturers hope to reduce the amount of risk drivers take when they get behind the wheel in bad weather. And despite the growing trend of self-driving cars on the roads, this weather technology can even keep people safe inside of an autonomous vehicle as well. Making sure the the actual vehicle itself is capable of handing messy roadways is still a major priority for automotive companies, and this new technology is making huge strides for driver safety.

Traction Control Can Be a Lifesaver

One of the most important safety developments for cars in recent years has been traction control. When bad weather causes low-friction on the roads, it’s easy for a vehicle to lose control and veer off the pavement. The way this feature works is when the car detects that its grip on the road is slipping, the breaks kick in and lock the wheels in place, thus preventing the slide from getting worse. Some estimates show that this feature can reduce the chance of a fatal crash by 50% for some vehicles. This feature should always be a consideration when researching vehicles and finding out which options they have. Deciding to skip this crucial safety feature for something more affordable may end up being a potentially dangerous choice.

LED Lights Make a Difference

One of the major factors when driving in poor weather conditions is visibility. At night, having reliable headlights and taillights can help you see the road better, and help ensure that you’re noticed by other drivers as well. Even if you are a careful driver in bad weather, the people behind you on the road may not be. Using the better performing LED taillight is just added insurance that those taking up your rear can see you well ahead of time, even if the weather makes for poor visibility.

This upgrade is relatively inexpensive and easy to do yourself – and the benefits of having LED lights could save your life. All you need are some common household tools, and the basic knowledge to replace a bulb in order to increase your visibility on the road. Taking on a small, easy project like this can also get you into the habit of performing even more general car maintenance, which helps increase your safety while driving as well.

Bad weather can strike at any time, and if you’re on the road when it does, you can find comfort in knowing you’ve taken the proper precautions necessary in order to best protect you and your car from the elements. Do some research when buying a car to make sure that it has features like traction control. Even the small things, like LED lights are important, and if your vehicle doesn’t already have them, making the swap is simple. As new technology for car safety continues to roll out, some basic forms of self-protection can still go a long way in ensuring a safe commute.