Embracing Modern Technology: Learn to Implement Artificial Intelligence in 9 Easy Steps

Embracing Modern Technology: Learn to Implement Artificial Intelligence in 9 Easy Steps

All companies need to learn how to embrace modern technology, which includes implementing artificial intelligence. Regardless of your company, you can enjoy increased productivity with Ntiva, particularly if you make use of AI and other advanced technologies. Ntiva will guide you through the process of implementing artificial intelligence, but can familiarize yourself with how this process will go ahead of time.

Familiarize Yourself with AI’s Capabilities

Start by doing some quick research so you are familiar with what artificial intelligence can do today. There are numerous online resources and examples, so you should not have a problem finding information. Look for an overview as well as information specific to your industry.

Know What You Want AI to Resolve

After you understand the ways that AI can be used, it is time to figure out how you want to use it. Specifically, try to figure out the problems that you want artificial intelligence to solve for you. You should have a few use cases in mind, or you can enjoy increased productivity with Ntiva by letting them guide you to AI use cases.

Prioritize the Implementations Based on Value

You should now have a long list of ways that your company could feasible use AI. Go through it and identify the implementations that would add the most value to your company, ideally financially.

Be Realistic

Before choosing the top implementation or implementations, confirm that it is realistic. Make sure that you do not expect to do more with AI than is currently available. Your artificial intelligence team can help you stay on track in this regard.

Integrate Data

Before you can actually use any artificial intelligence solution, you will need to have the appropriate data on hand. Have a team clean up your data so it is all in a single location and there are no more inconsistencies.

Have AI Experts Implement a Pilot

Once you have some clear goals in mind, have your artificial intelligence experts work towards creating a pilot project. Start small and keep the priorities in mind. You will likely need outside help since AI is complicated, particularly for those unfamiliar with it. 

Apply AI in Small Ways and Evaluate

Build on the pilot project for artificial intelligence and then work from there. The key, once again, is to start small and just apply the AI to a small data sample. As you evaluate how well the artificial intelligence works and the benefits it is providing, you can expand.

Include Storage in Expansion

Many companies get excited about implementing their artificial intelligence use cases but forget about storage. This is an issue since you need large amounts of data to get the most accuracy from your models and the artificial intelligence algorithms. You will need somewhere to store that data so be sure to include storage as you implement AI.

Expand as Needed

Once everything is in place, you can continue to expand your artificial intelligence solutions. If your original use case for AI proves successful, go back to your list of potential implementations and determine the next project to work on. AI can be used in many aspects of your business to improve efficiency and more.