AI and ML: Transforming the Travel Industry Now and Then

AI and ML: Transforming the Travel Industry Now and Then

Machine Learning- a technology of the future is emerging as a big barrel of belief among the various sectors simplifying the working procedures.  From the virtual assistants like Siri or Cortana to the search you make on google search bar- ML is everywhere.

When was the last time you stand in a queue for buying tickets? Or when did you booked the hotel after reaching to your destination? This kind of scenario is a little bit changed.

People are using online available services for booking their ticket or hotel. And of course, they will do that because they’re getting fast and easy service which is accessible from anywhere anytime.

The travel industry is adopting advanced AI and ML technologies to provide an effective and efficient solution to their customer. From providing a personalized experience to the virtual assistance- AI and ML is the key player behind all.

If you are interested in making your career in these advanced technologies, you can go for an Artificial Intelligence Certification and uncover the hidden thoughts of the intelligent machines. Recently, a travel application named Hopper which uses AI and ML algorithms to help users in locating hotels or booking flights raised $100 million for its project with an overall value of $780 million.

Hotel and Flights Fare Estimation:

Hotel and flight fares are dynamic, they are dependent on various factors which require them to update all the time. It is very typical for anyone to monitor those little changes manually. Depending on such requirements, these two sectors demand fast tools to monitor and acknowledge the fare.

These tools collect and process a huge amount of information from the historical data so that designed ML algorithms can estimate the fare of the hotel rooms or flights. The collected data are sourced from the weather, demand, social pages, official booking pages, seasons, trends etc.

Recommendation Engine:

You may have noticed that whenever you make any travel related queries in search-box for booking hotel or flights etc., the website itself refers to the best hotels and ticket prices.

This suggestion feature is the result of ML algorithms which analyses the user’s pattern and provide the accurate recommendation. Suppose if you search for the flights from Kentucky to Greenland for next month, it will show you the best-recommended flight fares and hotel booking prices every day.

Smart Assistance:

The travel industry is automating its operating procedures at very high speed. The ML-powered automated chatbots assist users by providing the best solutions to their related query, thereby enhancing business’s productivity and acceleratinAIg the revenue gains.

These intelligent bots are the best way to reach out to your clients and provide them all time accessible customer support eliminating the man hand from this area.

In the travel sector, people are always confused with the hotel and flight-related issues such as variable prices, bad service, etc., but these smart bots can provide the best recommendations and support to the clients building a long-term relationship.

The implementation of these handy tools is very easy and fast. One can easily implement on their platform and start serving their audience 24/7.

These chatbots are helpful for providing great deals, search results, hotel or flight booking and other customer related queries improving the overall customer experience from the inherited information. By simply typing “ trip to Alaska”- you will get hotels and flight details.

Semantic Search Outcome:

Semantic search is powered by machine learning. The latest search engines like Yahoo and Google provide the result on the basis of the searched context. Suppose if you ask for flights to Panama, it will provide you with all the flight details that are moving to Panama.

In the same search, providing more exposure, such as your data, it will understand more. In the same query if you added a location then it will display all the flights from source to destination. These search engines provide you with the real answers which are the best fit for your query.

Personalized Experience:

Customer acquisition is necessary for providing better services. These days, companies are leveraging the customer behavior data for providing personalized service experience to the customers. Companies collect these data from the past purchases, travel experience, feedback etc. This large data set is leveraged for providing real-time solution or services to the customers such as in case of conversion at airline website.  

Thus, you can see how fast the technology is moving. It has brought us at the verge of the technological lake where technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are rolling high in the sky.