Turn your Roomba's trip around the house into a playable 'Doom' map

Your Roomba can help clean up your enemies.

Image: Bildquelle/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Once your Roomba is done tidying the house, you can clean up your enemies in hell.

Game programmer and designer Rich Whitehouse released a script on Christmas Eve which allows you to convert the robotic vacuum’s trip around your home into a playable Doom map.

Naturally, the script is called Doomba, which works with Whitehouse’s Noesis software that allows developers to convert models and animations to various formats.

Created to coincide with the classic video game’s 25th anniversary, the script allows you to track your Roomba (or other untested robot vacuum models) as it creates its own map in its journey. Once you’re done tracking, you can convert the journey into a Doom-compatible map.

Whitehouse said he’s only tested it with the Roomba 980, but there’s a map he personally created included in the package which you can mess around with.

“I hope you get some fun out of this feature. I definitely have,” he wrote in a blog post. “Some will say that it’s pointless, but I have faith in my heart that the Dark Lord will wipe these people from the face of the earth and trap them in a dimension of eternal hellfire. Their suffering will be legendary.”

[h/t Polygon]

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