Touchscreen tables just got better and cheaper

Touch screen tables just got better and cheaper

Jigabyte has just launched a touchscreen coffee table that brings computer tables out of the completely unaffordable – and into the realms of a hi-end luxury consumer product. And it adds ground-breaking unique usability as well.

In essence, it’s a home coffee table, fit for a cool modern living room, fitted with a touchscreen surface that allows you to do things like browsing the web and use windows. The cool thing here is that it’s not just a you-must-sit-just-on-the-correct-side-of-it computer – that’s flat, but instead, it provides a use-from-any-side interface. In “table mode” it allows you to open up a web browser, drag them around, rotating and resizing, making it a great social centerpiece for say playing YouTube music videos or debating a news article.

It’s not cheap at £1995. But… it more than halves the price of the majority of competitors and it is almost unique in its 360-degree usage ability. If you want the ultimate show-off home decor then this could be it.

Other features it lists include:
* Toughened glass top, which is seamless edge-to-edge for cleaning for a for a shiny stylish look.

* It can play games and allow touch-screen drawing. In effect, if it will run in a browser (as most things do) it will run in “table mode” and allow it to run at any size and angle.

* Revolving background table textures (ranging from wood to outer-space), so it can be left untouched as an eye-catching table

* The Ability to be left on (always), go to sleep after a while, then wake up as soon as someone touches the surface.

* Up to two browser windows sessions in “table mode” so two people could be browsing the web or playing a game at a given time.

* The ability to use it as a table as you also browse the web. Meaning you can put, say, a cup of coffee on it and still use it as a touchscreen table. A few items littered across it doesn’t affect its usage.

* It’s also a fully usable touch-screen windows PC (as it switches mode) and comes also with a physical mouse and keyboard in case you prefer this for some applications.

* Comes with basic internal speakers, but also has an exposed audio output jack for connecting to a living room hi-fi system, and USB ports for your general windows peripherals.

As for physical specs. It is a black glass-topped wooden coffee table, size: 900L*550W*400Hmm, weight: 40kg, 32″ capacitive touchscreen with resolution 1920*1080. PC is an Intel 4th Gen I3 – which Jigabyte say is ample to give a smooth graphical experience. Although the website does offer an upgrade option if this is preferred.

The Jigabyte touchscreen coffee table can be bought online on their website.

In summary, it takes touchscreen table usability to a new level, and it brings the price down with it. Definitely worth a look: Jigabyte coffee tables