You may keep up with your bills and avoid criminal behavior. When you try to be a good community member, it is easy to assume that your background check is clean. Public records and credit companies can be wrong, however. Many people find out something is wrong on their background check when they try to rent home, get a loan, or apply for a job. False information can find its way onto your report at times. It is pertinent to check your information annually for discrepancies, as some can take a long time to remedy. Do the research on yourself before someone else does.

Getting Started

The best way to find out what is available to others is to conduct a search just like a business or landlord would. Start with a basic people search to see what pops up. You should first be presented with simple identifying information such as a full name and address. You can should also be able to see previous addresses and family or people you once lived with. If you see a lot of information that does not match up, you may have fallen prey to fraud. It is also possible that there is a simply mix up with someone who shares your name. When employers are ready to hire, they often try to verify information through this type of search. Make sure your public records are accurate.

Things to Look out for

When you are viewing your public records and background check, be aware of changes that do not reflect your actual situation. There may be a name or address change that do not belong on your record. If you see debt, credit cards, or loans that are not familiar to you, it important to begin and identity theft investigation. Your reputation can be tarnished by someone that is pretending to be you.


You may be checking your own records in preparation for a large purchase. This can be incredibly helpful, as you then know what to expect. If you know there are some discrepancies on your criminal or financial record, take action to clean things up. Often, the best thing you can do is show consistency going forward. You can rent a home to show payment regularity before applying for a mortgage, for example. A secured credit card can also be used to help build a good credit history, as well. Criminal history cannot be erased, however, you can show years of lawful behavior after an incident.

You can be a step ahead when you keep an eye on your own public records and credit. Even basic information needs to be correct on your public records. Employers may try to verify your address, phone number, and references. Sit down with your computer and complete a proper people search on yourself when preparing for a job interview, a personal loan, or a major purchase. You can rest easy knowing that everything is recorded properly, or take steps to remedy mistakes.