Why Use Email Validation Services?

Why Use Email Validation Services?

A lot of web administrators and business owners are unaware of how bounce emails or undeliverable emails adversely affect their digital marketing efforts. Its effects may not be apparent but it actually hurts your sender reputation causing email delivery problems.

Considering the importance of emails in your digital marketing, many organizations now recognize the value of email validation services. This digital marketing solution cleans up your contact list to ensure that your email marketing efforts don’t go to waste. This should help ensure that your emails reach their destination and prevent them from falling into dead or inactive email addresses, spam traps, screamers, and complainers. That basically answers the question of why organizations need to use email validation services.

But let’s take a look at some other top reasons why one should use email validation services.

1. Personalization

One of the biggest challenges of brands and business is to get the attention and engage with their target audience. Considering the cutthroat competition in the global marketplace, the best way to do it is to personalize your campaigns.

With email validation services, such as those offered by Byteplant, you can get a preview of your reader’s demographics such as their name, age, location and preferences. This gives you the ability to craft your messages more accurately depending on their intended reader. For example, an email recipient will more likely read a message if it states their name. Emails that are generic and lack personalization are always suspected as mass email or spam and will never be read.

2. Classify Emails

What you want are recipients that actually open your emails. You might be tempted to send email to as many recipients as possible just to widen your reach, but that’s not the way email marketing works. Keeping the least-active and least-engaged recipients in your email list hurts your open rate.

Email addresses that never actually open your emails negatively affect your campaign – so you want to avoid them. These emails can pull down your sender reputation. Low sender score basically tells ESPs (email service providers) that your emails are low value. As a result, your emails are automatically sent to spam folders – something you don’t want!

By using email validation solutions, you can segment out the bad and ‘complainer’ emails. This helps reduce bounce rates as well as minimizes spam trap and complaint hits. With better reputation, you can expect greater open, click and response rates.

3. Targeted Campaign

Email segmentation is crucial in running an effective marketing campaign. You don’t want to send canned and generic emails to your potential clients – that’s a red flag for readers.

Email validation can greatly help in segmenting your email list. With this service, you get basic demographics of your email list such as age, gender, educational level, income, and location. This information proves valuable in crafting and structuring your marketing campaign.

4. Get new clients

Giving out freebies and coupons in exchange for email sign up is a very effective digital marketing technique. But the problem is you are unsure about the emails you get. With real-time email verification services, you can automatically check active and inactive emails.

Sending out special deals makes potential customers more willing to give their email. They are also more likely to pursue their subscription to your website once they receive your freebies. The more new clients you get the better for your business.

5. Engage With Customers

An uninformed and unstructured email campaign is bound to fail, hence, a waste of resources. You can avoid being in this sorry state by using email validation services. The information you get can be used in crafting effective, data-backed email marketing.

By attracting more organic clients, you can boost customer engagement not just page views or visits. The data you get from email validation services enable you to embark on a more personalized user experience. As a result, customers become more invested in your brand and get a genuine connection to your company.

6. Get Usable Leads

Sending emails to inactive emails is a waste of your time. Email verification services help you get more working addresses and responsive recipients. Having more active recipients obviously translates into more usable leads and revenue opportunities.

Organizations that start to use email validation services reported an increase of 20% in open rates and a reduction of 75% in bounce rates. Higher open rates mean better response rates to ads, better brand exposure, and higher revenue.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the advantages of using email validation services. You can use email verification with other marketing strategies to improve your campaign and reach more clients. Consider using email verification so you won’t get left out in the competition.