Google's Home Hub might be another way to use the Google Assistant

We’re just three days away from Google’s Fall 2018 event, and the leaks are still coming.

Both 9to5Google and MySmartPrice spotted an FCC filing for an “Interactive Video Streaming Device” in September. And now, thanks to Jon Prosser via Twitter we might have our first look at marketing materials for this rumored “Home Hub.”

The Home Hub should allow for easy control of smart home devices in addition to everything a Google Home can do. Things like answering questions, identifying multiple users via voice, and communicating with others.

It appears to be a smart stationary tablet, bearing some similarities to the Lenovo Smart Display or Amazon’s Echo Show. The Home Hub also looks like the Square Register but with a smaller display. The interface appears similar to what was on the Lenovo Smart Display, but seems to be streamlined.

While no price is listed in this alleged marketing material, it looks like the Home Hub should launch on Oct. 22 (in the UK, at least). For now, we have to sit through the last portion of this waiting game. 

Google kicks off the event on Oct. 9 at 11:00 a.m. ET, and you can stay tuned to Mashable for all the news.

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