EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Setting up a backup option for files and data storage is a good habit, not only is it safe, but it is the smart thing to do. However, that unexpected day might come when you accidentally delete a file. Losing an important file is more painful than having a door being shut on your finger. Ouch! With EaseUS, you can recover it all!

EaseUS is the best free data recovery software out there that will ease you the pain and heartbreak of losing any important file or data. Whether you intentionally deleted or formatted your system hard disk, virus attack, or worse, a crashed Operating System, you still can recover it all, be it from your PC, laptop or other forms of file storage devices. Just name it! Tested and trusted by millions of users all over the world, the EaseUS file recovery software has won the heart of many and still does.

Amazingly, the file recovery software allows you to get your stuffs back in three simple practical steps. First, download EaseUS free data recovery software from https://www.EaseUS.com. After downloading, carefully follow these steps to recover your files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Step 1: Choose the Exact Location to Start Your Scan

Begin the first step by launching the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Once launched, select from the list of options a specific location for recovery scan to process. You might select from Hard Disk Drives, External Devices or you could just specify the exact file location which includes; Libraries, Documents, Desktop and more.

Step 2: Start the Scanning Process

Once you have selected a file location, you can then begin the scanning process. The initial scan is fast. After the quick scan, the EaseUS file recovery software will give a list of all deleted files or files found in the system’s Recycled Bin from the selected location listed.

Immediately after the quick scan comes the deep scan. This process will begin automatically. The deep scan is a more thorough scan that digs deeper into your entire data fields, excavating the whole system’s storage devices. However, please take note that the deep scan process will take some considerable time to complete.

Step 3: Check Through and Recover Lost Files

Once the deep scan is complete, EaseUS file recovery software will allow you to check through all recoverable files found. The files scanned can be previewed by selecting either the file type of file location. “The Special Lost Files” folder contains your most essential files, which may include photos, videos, Word documents and PDF files. Another folder is the “More lost Files (RAW)”. All files shown in this folder will lost its original directories, this will require that you manually check and rename the files.

Select from the previewed file the ones you intend to recover and then click the “Recover” button. Viola! Your lost files are back as good as they were before.

WARNING! Please avoid selecting the same hard drives from which you just recovered files as your new storage device.

Hopefully, the above explanation will help bring your cherished files back to you.



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