Digital Marketing At Your Fingertips: Maximizing the Use of Social Media Channels

Digital Marketing At Your Fingertips: Maximizing the Use of Social Media Channels

When you hear the saying “living under a rock”, the connotation nowadays is that you do not have any social media account. You have no working knowledge of how to Like on Facebook, how to Retweet on Twitter, how to Heart on Instagram or how to Re-Pin on Pinterest.

Not only does this prompt a collective gasp, but it also defines how powerful social media is in the world when it comes to connecting people, conveying messages, stirring up controversy or selling an idea.

And that idea starts with a voice. A digital voice. An imprint that can echo through a thousand generations and cross through numerous borders. Because social media has no walls, the possibilities are endless. An idea you may have now may eventually become a multi-billion empire with the right marketing strategy.

It starts with a solid digital marketing strategy for your social media channels

Digital marketing covers all marketing efforts that make use of the Internet and various electronic devices like mobile. Bloggers and eCommerce website owners take advantage of search engines and social media channels to connect not only with their target audience, but also to reach a much wider demographic.

Digital marketing strategies are a series of actions that will help you achieve what you have set for your website. For instance, you want its views to reach 10,000 for the first 3 months. You will have to execute strategies like using keywords on all of your content for better search engine visibility.

Assuming you are just starting out, apart from targeting keywords, the best strategies are for social media. It is more cost effective so you will not have to worry about shelling out money. Moreover, everyone you are targeting is going to be there.

Social media strategies to execute

Here are some of the ways you can use social media to strengthen your online presence.

Find your online voice

The key to connecting with your audience is through using the proper voice and language. Look at how your customers interact with some of your articles on the website or your posts on your Facebook. You must be able to match the tone and language of your audience, while making sure it still aligns with your brand. Remember that you can make your posts fun and engaging while still remaining professional about it.

Create a social media calendar

Once you have the tone and voice that resonates with your audience more fixed, the next thing to do is to determine which posts they like seeing on their timeline. You can experiment by posting various kinds of format like blog, banner, infographic, and video post types. See which ones get the most interaction and shares, then make more of those kinds of posts.

However, you might want to experiment with your own post types too so that your audience will not get tired of what you are posting.

When you have the content made, plot them on your own social media calendar. Check you analytics to see which time of day your audience is more active so you can schedule your posts properly. In this way, you can consistently post on your social media pages and make sure they can be seen.

Find tools you can use to help social media promotion

Sometimes, the features available on your social media pages may not be enough to help reach more people and drive more traffic to your website. For this reason, you might need to find tools that can help you with cross-posting from site builder provider like Sitebeath PH.

You can get a full eCommerce platform that allows you to cross-sell on social and marketplaces. Your business idea can become a powerful digital word-of-mouth through social media presence and effective reputation management. Brand awareness has always been a key marketing variable and getting listed on social media platforms boosts customer engagement in a rather new atmosphere.

Facebook offers a wide array of social media campaigns that creates brand retention and specializes in identifying the right target market for your product or service. More and more companies are allotting big budgets on digital marketing, but for smaller startups, creating buzz on social media through boosting page likes is a good start in building a strong following and community.

With your market steadily increasing, you can now tap other digital marketing strategies on social media such as paid ads that will allow you to further target the needs of your customer base. You can showcase your products through enticing product image ads that includes product highlights and important details. And that is just on Facebook. Imagine running campaigns in parallel with other social media platforms and capturing varying levels of demographic.

So go beyond hitting that Like button. Target beyond relevance. Target the future.