5 Cheap and Fast VPN Services for USA

5 Cheap and Fast VPN Services for USA

Imagine internet is a vast driveway that is full of spies watching your every move. Once you realize, at some point in future, you will consider using a Virtual Private Network because of the digital age we live in now. However, form the many VPN services in the market, it is hard to find the best product that fits perfectly to your need, and that never compromises on your privacy.

To figure it all out, we managed to bring you the list of Cheap VPN Services that are also fast enough to bring you best streaming speed and quality. After reading this guide, it will give you a fair idea of which VPN provider you need to look for, and which to avoid.

Factors We Used to List Cheap Fast USA VPN

We tested 15 popular VPN providers on a number of factors, but the two most important factors were downloading speed and their cost per month. The price factor entices potential users to try and use VPNs for the first time, while speed convinces them to stick with the services for a longer period. When the two factors combined, it convinces users to make a purchase decision.


5 Cheap and Fast VPN Services for USA

CyberGhost VPN make our top of the list as cheap fast USA VPN because it brings you highest speed possible with its 2,700 worldwide server. It makes it the cheapest VPN provider with its 3-year subscription plan that costs at $2.75 per month. With one connection, you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously and follows strict no logs policy.


5 Cheap and Fast VPN Services for USA

IPVanish is a preferred choice by many technology experts because it easily gets around censorship filters, manages to access torrent without getting seen, and it does all this with a faster speed. It is based in US and that is why it commonly known as the cheap fast USA VPN. 1-year subscription plan for IPVanish costs at $6.49 per month.


PrivateVPN may have few number of servers i.e. 100, but certainly it does not come in its way to bring the fast speed. It unlocks anything while protects everything with its military-grade encryption. It gives maximum speed for browsing and unlocks geographically restricted content. 13-months subscription plan costs at $3.88 per month.


PureVPN is simply the creative VPN service provider which is both cheap fast USA VPN that always comes up with new features to entertain users’ need. Recently, it has introduced Ozone-ready servers that boosts streaming, browsing, and downloading speed. It has over 2,000+ servers and available in 141+ countries. The 2-year subscription plan costs at $2.49 per month.


NordVPN may not be the fastest amongst the VPN providers present in the list, but it certainly the cheapest and strongest of them all. NordVPN has over 4,800 servers that allows you to connect to any server that is closest to your country region. Closes VPN servers bring you the fastest speed. 1 year-plan costs at $6.99 per month.

Is Fastest Always the Best?

Speed is not everything when you make a decision to buy a VPN. Your internet is already fast without a VPN, and it mostly depends upon the location of VPN servers that determines the speed. You could always expect a faster speed today and slow speed tomorrow, but some of these Fastest VPN will leave you speechless with their incomparable speed.

The VPN that gives you best value of your money is considered as best of them all. When we talk about value, we mean this VPN provider will have fast speed, strongest of VPN encryption, bypasses geographical restrictions, most certainly keeps zero logs, and is compatible to most devices and platforms.

Will Free VPNs do the Job?

Online users might often be tempted to buy free VPNs and hope it would do the same job as paid VPNs. These providers are present all over the internet and doesn’t ask you for a credit card detail, but it sure convinces its users to think it keeps their online identity private.

The truth behind free VPNs is not very comforting after all. Most of these VPNs would spy on you and get information on your online activities and sell it to advertisers and online companies. It has to be some way or another to earn money, and many VPN providers choose the particular path.

However, it is to be noted that some free VPN providers earn by providing many subscription plans. They offer free services alongside premium service. They claim to have the free service just to lure users into buying its premium version, which is absolutely fair.

Does Price Always Matter when Buying a VPN?

Price should not be the only factor when buying a VPN, if it was the only factor then we would probably be recommending you free VPNs. Yes, price is the one important factor, but it does not justifies the value of a VPN.

Price is only justified when you investigate on the features offered by a VPN provider. PrivateVPN may be a preferred choice for many users, but it only has 100 servers when compared to NordVPN that has a total of 4,800 servers and counting.

Similarly, many would claim to see ExpressVPN in to the above-mentioned list that we have provided. ExpressVPN may the fastest of them all, but its too expensive for an average user to buy. Also, when it comes to accessing its VPN into simultaneous devices, it could only connect to 3 devices.

The Wrap Up

VPNs are the future of internet and that is why it needs to be in the hands of every internet user out there. However, not all VPN providers would try to protect your online identity and keeps you anonymous. Some would be better at offering faster streaming, while others would be better providing an affordable price and strong security. This guide, we provide some of the 5 best cheap fast USA VPN for browsing the internet.