The fire this time – a planet swelters, policy delays

Image AFP / Daily Express

Imagine fighting a fire to save a town, in 110 degree F temperatures. This is Redding, California. Now I have been through Redding many times, often in 100F plus temperatures, so the heat is not unusual. But, like last year, when fire strikes whether accidentally or is deliberately sparked, in our climate situation and the density of urban/suburban development bordering on rural areas, the situation can be very bad.

What is unusual, but not really unusual anymore, is that this summer’s fires around the globe are happening in the midst of the one of the hottest ever July’s on record.

Look,there are myriad reasons why fire seasons are worse now, many of them to do with where we live, and how we ignore sound fire prevention practices. But a hotter climate is not going to help, and in fact makes it more urgent to step up to climate change.