Seven Trendy Gadgets for Every Digital Bookworm and Writer

Seven Trendy Gadgets for Every Digital Bookworm and Writer

No matter if they read prints or electronic books, bookworms are still bookworms, and everyone knows at least one in their group of friends. While it is not normally difficult to find gifts for book lovers, there may be times they will want something other than a book.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to give to people who are addicted to the written word, here are some gadgets you should consider.

Heated Electric Blanket

If your friend loves reading books outdoors or huddled in some corner of their house but complains about being cold, then get them a heated electric blanket. Electric blankets are a good supplement especially if traditional ones just won’t cut it during particularly cold days and nights. There are many electric blankets out in the market in varying sizes, so pick one that you think will suit the needs of your lifestyle and preference.

Clip-On Reading Light

There’s nothing like the feeling of being so absorbed in the story trapped in the pages of the book that you tend to forget that a lot of time has passed by. When you start reading in the morning, you’ll be surprised on your next break that it’s already late in the afternoon. If you’re indoors, lamps always help, but if they’re too dim to illuminate your book, a clip-on reading light will help.

There are a number of reading lights available. There are some that you can clip on glasses to make them more hands-free. There is one kind that directly shines on the pages by putting it on top of the book. There are also others that you need to clip on the book directly. Choose what style you like the best, or get all of them.

Bathtub Caddy

If your idea of relaxation is by reading a book or taking a bath, you can do both at the same time with the help of a bathtub caddy. It is a handful little gadget that lets you read your book or electronic book in the tub while keeping it dry. The chances of your reading material being dropped in the sudsy water are also minimized because caddies have little grooves to secure them.

If you’re going to take a relaxing bath and read, then you may as well go all-out. There are bathtub caddies out there that have extra slots where you can put a glass of wine as well. You may add some aromatic candles while you’re at it too.

Book Holder

If you enjoy reading in bed, couches, or in any space that gives you a chance to recline or lie down when you need to make yourself comfortable, then a good book holder will surely help. Give your hands and neck a break when you need them to by just putting your reading material on the holder so you can read hands-free.

There are other book holders that have night-lights of their own, so you can continue reading where you are for your convenience and total enjoyment.

Smart Cup

It’s always a joy to have a cup of warm drink on your hand on particularly cold days, but if you’re a bookworm, you know that cup will be left forgotten as soon as you have a book in your hands. That cold drink will soon turn cold, and you’ll have to get up to make yourself another cup, and that means you cut your reading for a bit or, worse, don’t do it at all because the story’s getting too good. Why not get something that will keep your drink hot for a really long time?

A smart cup is really useful to keep book lovers hydrated because it preserves the temperature of their drink for a really long time. Hot drinks will remain hot, and cold drinks will be refreshing for the parched bookworm.

E-book Cover

If you have an e-book and you love it so much, you’re practically attached to it, there’s a really good chance that you don’t want it ruined anytime soon. That is why it’s important to have a durable cover that will protect it from bumps, scrapes, scratches, and falls to the floor.

There are many e-book covers available out there. There are even ones that look like covers of classic books, so pick wisely.

Smart Typewriter

Most book lovers tend to write well, and if you’re one of those people who do writing as a hobby or pursue it as a career, then a portable smart typewriter is a perfect gadget for you. It is a word processor that lets you type your thoughts or your heart out anywhere you are.

Sure, you can use a laptop for that, but if you like the aesthetic of the older era and adore typewriters, it’s all the more a reason to get it for yourself.

Before You Go

Some gadgets are designed to make reading worthwhile and enjoyable, so if you’re a book lover, there are some things worth looking into. You may need some for yourself or find gifts you can give to fellow bookworms.

Do you have a favorite handy gadget that’s useful for when you’re reading? Share the things you like in the comments below.