4 Tips to Activate Employees on Social Media

Nowadays it is very had to see a successful business without vibrant social media campaigns. Businesses that are on social media are easily outdoing those that are not. This is because billions of people use social media daily. Be it Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, whatever social media platform you choose to use; you can find thousands of people interested in your products or services.

Social media is permanently embedded in our business structure; it is almost a department now. Those that are left behind soon become irreverent.

Since employees are your most important assets, you need to involve them in all your social media campaigns actively.

These time-tested tips will aid you to make your employees active on social media.

1 Start small

Social media is a massive industry. Let your employees choose which media they are comfortable in. This is the best way to start seeing improving social sharing analytics as every person will be working in a platform they are used to. Do not force anything on their throat otherwise; you will be advertising services you won’t deliver. After the majority of your employees are settled in, and you have started seeing results, you can then introduce another platform, one at a time.

2 Engage them on a personal level

Before you start any campaign, have a clear strategy; understand what you hope to achieve, how to achieve it, and when you expect results. Let them know what the campaign is all about and let them suggest better ways to meet your now common goal. Make sure everyone who counts is in and well versed with your vision. You can also let them have each a copy of deliverables you hope to achieve. Set goals that are realizable and reasonable always.

3 Consider outsourcing a trainer

The social media industry is growing very fast. You can not keep up the pace alone. You need a person who is well versed with the current trends to your team. Your employers will be more comfortable with a consultant than you; no matter how nice you think you are. Do you know a good number of employees do not like their bosses? Others will do anything to prove your alleged incompetency, just because they were not promoted. You don’t want to bring your battles to social media. A trained and experienced consultant will ensure your business’ dirty linens are not washed in public.

4 Compensate them

When an employee adds any value to an organization, he believes he is entitled to a reward. Make your rewards enticing enough to boost their morale but not big enough to make them forget the core reason why they were employed. Since rewards create competition, it is your job to maintain such competition at a healthy level.

Businesses need to adjust to the ever-changing online platform. You can’t afford to leave your employees because they are the drivers of these changes. You should be of the same mind as your employees to navigate through this vast sea of online marketing.