Practice mindfulness with these 3D puzzles and leave your phone alone for the afternoon

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Take a break from your phone.

Image: Wood trick

Between the 24-hour news cycle and binging Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, we could all use a little break. May we suggest the humble puzzle as a way to distract from the hell hole that is Twitter and cable news? 

If you’re looking to add a bit more mindfulness into your life, puzzles are a great way to kick back and relax while still exercising your right brain. And we’re not just talking about the jigsaw variety (so 2017). 

These Wood Trick DIY Mechanical 3D Puzzles provide hours of mental stimulation, calling upon your imagination, spatial reasoning, motor skills, and tactile sensitivity. They’re all made from renewable wood without added toxins or glues, so they make for an extremely eco-conscious hobby. Plus, you’ll have a beautiful piece of functional art to display when you’ve completed one.

We’ve collected the full Wood Trick lineup here, which are all on sale. Each is available for $32.90, or 17% off their regular price.

Image: wood trick

If you were too scared of heights (or too scared of carnies) to ride the Ferris wheel as a kid, this functional model might give you a thrill nearly on par with the carnival pleasure of the classic ride. It mimics the movement of a real-life Ferris wheel, right down to the sway of its eight little passenger cars. 

Image: wood trick

This hyper-detailed model of an American dump truck is the perfect display piece for any contractor, architect, or construction worker. But even if you aren’t the hands-on type, this complex puzzle will captivate you with its spinning wheels, rotating gears, and functioning flatbed. 

Image: wood trick

If loving planes is wrong, we don’t want to be Wright, brother. This wooden biplane model harkens back to the early days of flight, complete with a rotating propeller, working landing gear, and a rubber-band powered motor. We don’t recommend you fly it though — not unless you want to assemble the thing all over again, that is.

Image: wood trick

Windmills are such an efficient way to harness energy, and we’re still using them nearly 1,000 years later. Plus, they inspired some really cool breakdancing moves. Pay tribute to this marvel of engineering by taking this gorgeous, functioning wooden windmill puzzle for a spin.

Image: wood trick

Relive the carefree magic of your childhood by assembling this stunning wooden model. It features elaborate filigree details and a wind-up mechanism that lets the carousel rotate on its own. 

Image: Wood Trick