Shooting suspect slammed YouTube for 'discriminating' against her

A photo of suspected YouTube HQ shooter Nasim Aghdam.

Image: Instagram

The suspected shooter at YouTube’s California headquarters on Tuesday has been identified as Nasim Aghdam, law enforcement sources told CNN, NBC, and the Associated Press.

Aghdam died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound after shooting three people, one of whom is in critical condition. A fourth victim injured their ankle while fleeing the scene at the San Bruno office. On her website, Aghdam accused YouTube of “filtering” her videos to prevent them from getting views and embedded a video from prominent YouTube star Casey Neistat complaining about YouTube’s demonetization policy, known as the adpocalypse.

“I’m being discriminated and filtered on YouTube, and I’m not the only one,” she said in a video republished by NBC. “My old videos that used to get many views, stopped getting views. This is because I’m getting filtered.”

Aghdam’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts appear to have been deactivated. Her Dailymotion page is still online.

A post from Nasim Aghdam's website decrying YouTube.

A post from Nasim Aghdam’s website decrying YouTube.

Image: screenshot

A screenshot from Nasim Aghdam's website.

A screenshot from Nasim Aghdam’s website.

Image: screenshot

Many of her social media posts focused on being vegan and exercise alongside graphic videos of animal cruelty.

Nasim Aghdam's deactivated Instagram profile.

Nasim Aghdam’s deactivated Instagram profile.

Image: Screenshot

Nasim Aghdam's now deactivated YouTube account.

Nasim Aghdam’s now deactivated YouTube account.

Image: screenshot

Although unnamed law enforcement sources confirmed Aghdam’s identity to news outlets, authorities have not pointed to a motive.

“We know very, very little right now, and we probably won’t know more until tomorrow morning,” San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini told reporters during a press conference prior to her identity being revealed.

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