Mercedes-Maybach concept car is electric, ultra-luxurious, and ready for tea time

A look inside this luxury crossover SUV reveals plushy leather sets and a tea service console.

Image: mercedes

A concept car from Mercedes is revving up car enthusiasts ahead of this year’s Beijing Auto Show.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury is an electric idea with an interior to match its “ultimate luxury” name.

The high-end sedan and SUV crossover is imagined as a four-motor all-wheel drive vehicle with a 200-mile range battery with fast charging capabilities. The inside of the car is as important as its specs as Mercedes describes the vehicle as “intended primarily for chauffeur-driven use.” 

Its interior features “Magic Wood” ebony to appeal to the Chinese market and is smooth and curvy with few sharp edges. The color palette includes rose gold, crystal white, and pearl gray. The seats are white leather and very adjustable. The reclining seats also feature calf support.

Twitter was obsessed with the tea set built into the car. Remember this all is conceptual, but still, a teapot and cups is designed into the car. A heated tray makes for on-the-go tea drinking. A button retracts the fine china service into the console. WHAT?!

The finest of china to sip tea.

The finest of china to sip tea.

Image: mercedes

The exterior is designed with a chrome-plated grille and 24-inch turbine-inspired wheels — and the entire car has a chrome trim.

This dream machine is only that. Mercedes has other luxury vehicles the rich can buy right now, but even those cars are just a dream for the rest of us. 

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