How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

The birth of smartphones has brought a huge impact into the world, making it so much smaller than it already is. Modern communication has never been this easy.

Most smartphones nowadays are not just all about communicating anymore, though. There are games. There’s the internet. Your phone can be a camera and a business gadget. iPhones are at the forefront of this innovation.

What everyone doesn’t know is that iPhones hold many secrets. They always have, and users are just finding out about them.

While these secrets won’t necessarily change your life, they are very handy to learn. Knowing them can make your life easier.

Make Siri Your Sous Chef

Planning something fancy for dinner? Now you don’t have to scroll with your food-covered hands to check if you need to boil with the cover on or off. Siri can be your sous chef.

To do this, enable Siri to hands-free use. Search the recipe you want, copy the important parts, and put them on your notes. Ask Siri to read the notes on the screen. And if you forget how many tablespoons there are in a quart, just ask Siri.

Siri is always available to help you. Siri can even read your messages and emails for you. Just give Siri the command, “Read my message” or “Read my email,” and it will do so.

Siri will give you the name of the sender, the time and date when the message was received, and the subject line.

You can also change Siri’s voice, gender, and language.

Take Gorgeous Portraits Using Both Sides

Preserve unforgettable moments, like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, with gorgeous photos using the iPhone’s Portrait Mode.

iPhone X offers this new feature along with several portrait lighting choices, from natural light to studio light, to contour light, and many others, perfect for Instagram and your blog.

Create a Medical ID

Part of iOS 8, the Health app is a great addition to Apple’s arsenal.

Parenting and work might take their toll on you. The Health app keeps track of your activities, nutritional intake, and hours of sleep, informing you when you need to slow down and rest before you fall sick from fatigue. The app also helps with mindfulness exercises for you to decompress and take a breath.

For emergency cases, there is a Medical ID accessible through the Emergency function on the lock screen. Create it by launching the Health app, then select the Medical ID tab on the lower-right corner. It can also be accessed by others when it comes to emergencies.

You can enter your health information, such as your blood type, allergies, medications, and emergency contact numbers, through the lock screen.

How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

Make Your iPhone Case Special

This is more hardware than software, but do you know that you can get iPhone cases with uncommon features?

Yes, you can go with regular cases, but why do that when you can use a special case that can double as your wallet or credit card holder? Combine creativity and functionality! And for the Girl Scout in you, there’s even one that acts as a swiss knife, complete with all the tools.

Light packing is a must for traveling. Your multipurpose iPhone case can function as a wallet, a card holder, and a mini tool kit. Some of those special iPhone cases, especially the wallet types, are commonly available in most iPhone accessory stores.

Undo Your Actions through Gestures                              

One of the convenient features is being able to undo your typing error in Safari or Mail by simply shaking your iPhone. You will be given an option to undo your last action or to cancel it.

You only need to tap the undo button when prompted and cancel if it was erroneously activated.

Activate the Reachability Mode

For the busy parent or professional, multitasking is a survival skill. With the iPhone Reachability feature, you read messages and browse the internet simultaneously, with one hand.

Just double-tap the Home button. It will shift the screen down closer to your thumb. After you select what you need to access, it will slide back to its natural position.

Use the Volume Buttons for Taking Photos

Your baby’s first step, their first word, and their first day in school can pass by in a blink of an eye.  Fortunately, it’s easier to capture these important firsts with your iPhone camera.

Take snapshots of transient moments using the conveniently placed volume buttons on the side of your phone. Open the camera app, and press any of the volume functions on the left side of the phone.

You can even do this using your headphones. The volume keys in your headphones can be pressed when capturing a photo.

Using the Night Shift

Sometimes you just can’t help but check your phone at night, especially if you’re waiting for an important text or going through social media. Avoid hurting your eyes with the iPhone’s night-shift display. Change the colors of your phone through the Display and Brightness section in the settings.

The feature makes use of your iPhone’s clock and geolocation to tell when it is night or day in your area. Your phone’s display will gradually use warm colors after sundown, saving your eyes from the painful glare of too-bright blue light in the dark.

Know Any Other Trick?

There are many more tips and tricks that you should master.

Apple keeps inventing and innovating its products, so there are bound to be constant changes and updates.

You do not always have to keep up with the trend. Taking care of your phone can make it last longer and eliminates the need for you to buy the new model every year.

An old phone can still learn new tricks after all.