Gecata by Movavi Review

Have you ever performed some really amazing feat in a video game and wished you had been able to record it? Video game content is definitely popular nowadays, and having the ability to record your games is crucial if you want to share your experiences, create walkthroughs, or even just create game reviews or other content.

In order to record in-game video footage, you’ll need the right software – and that’s where most people run into issues. A lot of the screen recorders out there aren’t suitable for video games, and the ones that are tend to be complicated and difficult to use. If you’d like a user-friendly option that will let you record great footage from your games however you need look no further than Gecata by Movavi.

Record In-Game Footage Easily

Part of the reason Gecata by Movavi is such a unique software is that it makes recording in-game footage downright easy. All you need to do is launch the software and set it up, then it will run in the background as you play your game and you can start recording at any point by hitting the ‘F10’ key.

Not only will Gecata by Movavi make it easy to start recording, but it is capable of recording high quality in-game footage at up to 60 frames per second. Additionally when you stop recording it will automatically save your video so you can keep playing without interruptions and record additional video clips if you want to.

Aside from that there are a lot of other features in Gecata by Movavi that will help make your videos all the more impressive. It is able to record audio from both the game as well as a microphone, so you can provide commentary as you’re playing – and you can even save the audio streams as separate audio files so that editing it is easier later on.

On top of that Gecata by Movavi will let you capture video via a webcam and overlay it on top of your gameplay video. Odds are you’ve seen videos that do this in the past, and it is a popular technique to show your reactions while you play the game. If you want you can set the size, position, and resolution of the webcam video too.

All in all Gecata by Movavi is a great game recorder that is lightweight, easy to use, and yet at the same time will provide you with the features that you need to record and create high quality videos from in-game footage. If you’ve been looking for a way to start recording gameplay videos of your own, it is the perfect way to get started on the right foot.