This is the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch video

And this year is all about business. While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be announced tomorrow at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Slashleaks shared the official promo video for the Samsung’s upcoming flagship device.

It’s a polished 3-minute video packed with information about the new phone. First, just like rumors said, it looks just like the Galaxy S8. There are some minor changes, such as the location of the fingerprint reader. But it’s going to feel just like holding a Samsung Galaxy S8.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the Galaxy S8 was a great phone with a tall 18:9 display. If you want a well-designed Android phone, Samsung has some nice options.

When it comes to software features, the video shows an improved DeX dock. It lets you plug your phone to a display or a TV and turn it into an Android-powered desktop experience. It’s a good way to show presentations for instance. And because the dock is flat now, you can use the phone as a trackpad.

The video also says that the Galaxy S9 is water resistant and comes with a new translation feature. You can point the camera at text to translate it into a familiar language. This feature is powered by Google Translate as you can see in the corner of the screen in the video.

Samsung really insists on the business features of the device. The company wants you to think about the Galaxy S9 when it’s time to buy a bunch of new phones for your employees. There will be an enterprise edition with maintenance, extended guaranty and security updates for up to four years. You can also update the firmware of your employees over the air.

The 3-minute video probably only tells part of the story. That’s why we have a team on the ground in Barcelona to give you more details about the Galaxy S9 tomorrow.