What Is Your Take As A Parent In The Digital World? – Cell Phone Parental Control

What Is Your Take As A Parent In The Digital World? – Cell Phone Parental Control

We all love our pretty hi-tech gadgets. These have certainly lessened distances and made life easier. From socializing to shopping, everything is possible online. Keeping touch with old friends isn’t a problem anymore and learning new things is only a matter of Google search.

Our kids who woke up in this world and are growing up in it, love these digital devices and trends a lot too. Nowadays, toddlers can operate tabs and even smartphones and they get personal devices in their pre-teens. The downside to the digital progress is that various crimes have also taken the digital form. These include bullying, harassment, sex solicitation, predation etc. The social networks are open grounds for gossip, peer pressure and injecting wrong values into little kids.

What is a parent’s role?

In these circumstances in which kids are subjected to so many dangers that can affect their emotional state, health, and values; parents have a major responsibility to teach their kids about cyber safety and protect them as well.


Talking about the safety hazards and the importance of being responsible online is important. Most kids get in trouble because they do not realize the dangers such as sexting. Kids don’t know that it is illegal and a form child pornography. They also don’t realize how much their harsh comments can hurt someone even if said only online. Same goes for sharing sensitive info, location, and photos publically.

Define the rights and wrongs

Before letting them use the devices, define the dos and don’ts clearly. Sharing the sexual content of any kind, talking to strangers and confiding with them, online harassment, porn sites are the wrongs without a question. Also, establish rules about their screen time and physical activity.

Supervise regularly

Despite making the rules, it is necessary to monitor them regularly. It helps you catch any potential problems well in time. Sometimes kids get into trouble because of others and only realize when it is too late. Most kids cannot talk about bullying. For that purpose, cell phone parental control apps are very useful. These apps such as FamilyTime parental control provide you with different tools to monitor and block unsafe actions.

What Is Your Take As A Parent In The Digital World? – Cell Phone Parental Control

Check out its features:

  • Internet browser monitoring
  • Contacts, call history and text message monitoring
  • Contacts Watchlist
  • iTunes content filtering
  • Mobile app blocker
  • Screen time control limits and phone locks
  • Location tracking
  • Geofence notifications
  • Panic and pickup alerts
  • Over speed limits and alerts

Use all these features on your iPhone or Android device.

Be responsible yourself

Since you are a role model to them, be sure to be digitally smart. Don’t text while driving and use the phone all the time especially when they are talking to you or during dinners. Be careful about what you share on social media. Your role is to teach about safety and make sure they are. A cell phone parental control really helps you get in it.