Get this handy, $8 grip and stop dropping your phone for good

Hey iPhone users, pay attention.

Image: Momo stick

Are you the type of person who needs a bulky, steel-reinforced phone case to make sure you don’t destroy your phone on a daily basis? There’s no shame in that; we’ve all dropped our phones before (and felt like we got away with murder when we turned it over and found the screen unscathed). Worry no more, because now there’s a cure for chronic butterfingers.

The Momo Stick Phone Grip is a small device that attaches to the back of any cell phone and features a band that wraps around your finger. Not only will it keep you from dropping your phone, it’ll also help you stabilize photographs and can function as a car vent mount when you need to drive. 

If you ever need to remove it, the strong adhesive isn’t permanent and allows the grip to be transferred to other phones, which makes it easier to use than all those magnetic car mounts.

Do yourself a favor and instead of dropping $100 on an enormous case that doesn’t fit in your pocket, invest your money wisely in the Momo Stick Phone Grip, available now for $8, 19% off the $9.99 retail price. 

Image: Momo Stick