Gaming Should Not be Painful: 3 Great Chairs to Ease the Stress on Your Back

Gaming Should not be Painful: 3 Great Chairs to Ease the Stress on Your Back

Video gaming is a fun, energetic, and competitive pastime, but like sports, gaming comes with a unique set of health challenges. Most people, however, don’t see those challenges. What can go wrong when all you are doing is sitting down and using your hands to play a game on a computer or television screen?

Well, sitting — and sitting wrongly — is the problem. Many gamers site perched on the edge of their chair or couch, leaning toward the screen. Others slouch, get comfortable or put their feet up on the table. The longer they stay in one position, the more damaging the effects to their body can be.

Adam Fields, an American chiropractor, says a lot of his patients are heavy gamers. He says, “The biggest problem I see is postural syndrome” — a condition in which a person has rounded shoulders, an unusually extended neck, and a hunched back. He adds, “These are the slouchers. It comes from sitting forward or looking at your phone or TV screen for hours without any kind of exercise to counter that.” If not corrected early and quickly, the postural syndrome will lead to being hunchbacked in later years and can cause other health problems.

So, what can gamers do to alleviate stress, back pain, and postural syndrome? They can consider getting an ergonomic gaming chair — one specifically designed to keep gamers comfortable while not cutting back on their fun. Below are three great chairs to consider.

Kinsal Large Size PC Gaming Chair

This bold, blue and black, high-back, ergonomic chair is ideal for gamers who want to care for their bodies while engaging in their favorite pastime. It is suitable for all people short and tall, big and small. No matter how intense the game, your body will feel relaxed and stress-free. Some of the great benefits of this chair include a high, straight back; fully adjustable armrests; adjustable height; 90 to 180-degree tilt mechanism; lower-back cushion and headrest pillow; universal, smooth and silent racing wheels; and a high quality, easily-cleaned, and fade-resistant finish.

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair

This wide-shouldered gaming chair is comfort personified. Its open design provides users with a full-range of motion which is useful for games that require action from the arms and shoulders as well as the fingers. Its quality metal frame construction is covered in durable, soft, synthetic leather. The adjustable seat allows for changing the height, shifting the armrests, and even lets users lay back in a fully reclined position. It comes with a removable lumbar and headrest.

KingCore Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This breathable high-backed racing chair is perfect for helping you keep your hip and waist posture correct. The seat itself is made of a special fill sponge used in racing cars that have endured one hundred thousand extrusion deformation tests. The backrest is adjustable and the seat is designed to be comfortable for resting and napping. Armrests are also adjustable helping users avoid shoulder aches and blood stagnation in the arms.

A one-time investment in an ergonomic gaming chair can go a long way to benefiting your body and preventing pain and discomfort down the road. An added benefit is that the chairs listed above — and any ergonomic gaming chair — easily doubles as an office utility which is extremely useful for those who spend much of their work time seated at a desk.