Blast Your Enemies, Not Your Budget:  6 Gaming Chairs That Will Keep You Gaming in Style and Comfort

Blast Your Enemies, Not Your Budget:  6 Gaming Chairs That Will Keep You Gaming in Style and Comfort

The best gaming chairs are good for your body, and just as importantly, good for the gaming experience. A chair should conform to your body size and posture, so it promotes healthy blood flow and eases the strain on neck and back muscles. The improved well-being leads to better focus during gaming. Furthermore, the chair should also give gamers an excellent viewing angle and work seamlessly into the gaming experience.

If all this sounds expensive, don’t worry, because there are plenty of cheap gaming chairs that are available, and these chairs are very good quality. They have lightweight yet solid frames, and most of them were designed by gamers for gamers.

Many of these chairs made our Top 6 list. If you don’t find the one you like on this chart, just keep looking, because it is out there.

X Rocker 5172601 Rocker Gaming Chair

There is a lot to like about this Bluetooth-enabled gaming chair. It has three ATF speakers that pull the gamer into the gaming experience. It’s also a low rocker that provides excellent posture support. In other words, it checks both the health and gaming experience boxes.

This chair is rather heavy and is not compatible with Xbox, so if you are a die-hard Microsoft aficionado or plan on moving the chair from room to room, the X Rocker 5172601 may not be for you.

Yaheetech High Back Chair

People in the market for an inexpensive yet well-built upright swivel chair, take note. Much like an office chair, it has tilt, lift, and 360-degree swivel capability. It also has a simple design that’s ergonomically correct. So instead of trying to find a comfortable position, you can focus on gaming.

This Yaheetech chair is not really designed for tall people (6’ plus) and can be rather hard to assemble, so allow a little extra time for this phase.

Ikea Markus

This minimalist office-style gaming chair is quite inexpensive, but it does not look cheap and it is not made from cheap materials. It has a mesh back that increases airflow and lumbar support that’s ideal for extended gaming. Chair adjustment, including tilt lock, is easy to accomplish.

Some people complain that the Markus is uncomfortable, but more padding and features probably mean a higher price.

Giantex Ergonomic

Although it’s technically an office chair and not a gaming chair, the Giantex Ergonomic fits the bill nicely. The frame is very sturdy, the chair is lightweight, and the padding is leather.

There is no Bluetooth capability and it does not support multiple viewing angles, but those looking for an inexpensive minimalist chair that’s very comfortable should consider the Giantex Ergonomic.

X Rocker 51396

This lightweight swivel rocker is easy to set up. Once assembled, its Bluetooth capability is outstanding, it is very comfortable (the chair almost looks like a living room recliner), and it is compatible with all gaming systems.

The padding is not quite as durable as some other chairs, and it does not tilt in the same way as office-style gaming chairs.

Big Joe Dorm Chair

If low price is a premium and you can’t live without a rocker-style chair, look no further than the $30 Big Joe Dorm Chair.

The beanbag chair is inexpensive but not cheap. It’s double stitched for durability and has side nets for storage. The chair is also available in multiple colors, so it’s a great alternative for those with limited space and/or money who don’t want to sit on the floor.

Pick out one of these gaming chairs and find out for yourself the difference a good chair makes.