This Kickstarter project is about to make mopping a hands free-job

Quit mopping around.Quit mopping around.

Image: everybot

Out of all the household chores you can do, mopping may be the most worst — it’s boring, it hurts your back, and moving furniture to clean underneath? It’s a no from me.

Some engineers realized how time consuming and tedious of a job this can be and created an insanely cool solution via Kickstarter: meet Everybot, the ultimate robot mop cleaner.

We’ve seen numerous autonomous smart vacuum cleaners, but a smart mop that freely roams your home and gives your floors the wet scrub they need? Game changer.

This sleek device looks so compact and innocent, the number of features it holds aren’t gonna seem real: not only do its multi-directional sensors avoid obstacles, but they also sense vertical drop-offs — meaning no falling accidents with a staircase, countertop, or cliff of any sort. 

Everybot has a whopping seven different cleaning modes to fit the types of floors and furniture layout of your home, and the oval shape allows it to fit into and clean even the grimiest corners. The sensors can even sense room lighting, which allows the little guy to travel back to a well-lit area after it’s done mopping under furniture.

Here’s Everybot doing it’s thing:

The possibilities are seriously endless with Everybot — did we mention that it can be a vacuum too? Dust and crumbs only get pushed around with a mop — good thing Everybot has a dry cleaning mode to clear the floor before mopping. Not only does it take care of your floors without you lifting a finger, but it can also be your all-in-one cleaning device for tasks that require some human assistance. Use the handle on top to put Everybot to work on windows, countertops, and even the car. 

This project has already passed its goal by a long shot, but are we really surprised? Don’t worry, you can still get in on the action — back the project and get those early bird prices here.

Image: everybot