How can a virtual reality game improve the diagnosis of dementia?

How can a virtual reality game improve the diagnosis of dementia?

Sea Hero Quest VR. Today, an exciting new phase of the project gets underway with the launch of an innovative virtual reality version of the app.

Alzheimer’s Research UK Champion Fred Walker was one of the first people to try out Sea Hero Quest VR. Fred lost his wife to Alzheimer’s disease after 46 years of marriage, and knows from his own experience how the condition can wreak havoc with a person’s navigation skills.

Thousands of people have now tried this app and almost everyone who talks to us about it comments on how powerful the technology is, and how straightforward it is to use.

People who have played the mobile app will be familiar with some elements of the VR game, but the properties of virtual reality have now allowed us to draw upon one of the most widely used lab-based assessments of spatial navigation.

Sea Hero Quest will now allow us to build on this understanding using data from people who play the virtual reality game.

Sea Hero Quest is a great example of how your support is allowing us to harness the latest technology and adopt innovative new approaches to improve lives for people with dementia.

You can help to support this project by donating or visiting to find out how you can download the mobile app and VR game.