Cut the Cords:  Changing Over to Wireless Speakers is Easy

Cut the Cords: Changing Over to Wireless Speakers is Easy

Are you finally ready to turn your wired speakers into wireless and enjoy the comfort this is about to bring? The procedure we’re going to cover today is perfectly suitable for any surround-sound television setups, as well as the music-only stereos.

Let’s cut right to the chase:

Get a wireless speaker kit

There are plenty of wireless speakers kits you can find on the market, from the cheap ones and all the way to the high-end versions. With that being said, it’s good to know the procedure is pretty much the same no matter which one you’re going to end up choosing.

Also, technically speaking none of the sets available for purchase are truly wireless, since some wires are simply required to get the needed functionality.

How to connect everything correctly

First, you need to connect the amplifier to the speaker. Then, you need to make sure the amplifier is plugged into a power source. Please bear in mind that while the speakers won’t be directly connected to the power source (thus, making them qualified as “wireless”), they must be connected to each other in the same manner you’re probably used to seeing the computer speakers being connected.

Locate the transmitter along with the two receivers

Your wireless kit should contain a transmitter. This part is responsible for sending the signal from the system towards the receiver, which – finally – ends up traveling to the speaker.

Apart from this, the kit should also have the AC adapters with some wires.

Connect the transmitter

Before starting this step, it’s important to turn off the sound system. Then, simply connect the transmitter using the cable that came with it. If you’re confused on where you should plug in the cable, locate the part on your tv that says “Stereo Out” and plug the other end of the cable into the transmitter.

The AC adapter goes into the wall on one end of the transmitter. Finally, to make it all wireless, you’re now free to disconnect the speaker wires that lead to the speaker, and everything should work smoothly.

Connect the receivers

The next logical step is to connect the receivers. If one of your speakers has an already-existing wire, remove it, then proceed to connect the speaker and the receiver together by using one of the receiver cables found in the kit.

You should connect the AC cables together. One should go into a wall outlet, and the other one should be connected to the back of the receiver. If you’ve completed this step correctly, the power light on the receiver should start flickering.

Finally, repeat the same process for the other speaker.

Test your new wireless speaker setup

Turn on the system and listen to the sound. At this stage, the lights on the receivers shouldn’t be flickering any longer and be steady instead, indicating the signal is being transmitted to them properly.

Does all of this sound too complicated?

By getting some wireless speakers for tv, there is no process involved and you don’t need to be tech-savvy. Just plug them in and you’re all set!

With the help of this guide, you’re now well-equipped with the knowledge on how to transform your old wired speakers and make them wireless. If all else fails, you can always acquire the wireless speakers that work out of the box, so what are you waiting for? Make the leap into the comfortable wireless world of today!