Top-end Teslas get Cost drop as a Result of Manufacturing improvements

Tesla’s most expensive vehicle offerings obtained a discount immediately thanks to developments in the production efficiency of the 100 kWh batteries that are used in their construction. The discounts range from $3,500 to $5,000, based on the version, and comprise both the Model S and Model X top trims.

As Electrek reports, the 100D versions of both the X and the S obtained a $3,500 discount with all the new pricing, as well as the P100D models get a bigger $5,000 price cut. These really restore price levels to where they had been to get the highest available trim packages prior to a small increase was put in place in April, which came alongside a reduction for entry vehicles.

These pricing changes impact current orders that haven’t yet been fulfilled, based on Electrek, which is a nice surprise. Improvements in the 100 kWH battery package process should also help Tesla maintain demand, which is growing in last check because of some halo effect spiking interest around the introduction of the new, cheaper Model 3.

Here’s exactly how the new pricing arrangement breaks down:

  • Model X 100D: $99,500 -> $96,000
  • Model X P100D: $145,000 -> $140,000