Recover Data in a Flash with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Recover Data in a Flash with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Files, emails, documents, pictures, and videos can all be accidentally deleted or lost from your PC from reasons such as viruses, accidental deletion while cleaning, or computer malfunction. When this happens a deep churn in the pit of your gut begins to swallow you up as you realize you’ve lost something incredibly important like your child’s first birthday video, a piece of your thesis, or an important work email. However, fret no further, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software that can solve all your problems.

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you can recover lost data from not only your PC but any laptop or removable device including SSD, USB, digital cameras and more. The software is quick to install and works in a three step process. To begin, the program gets downloaded onto your computer. However do not download it on the disc where you lost data, otherwise, the lost files will be overwritten. Next, select a location to begin to start finding data. For ease of use, the program will read the partition table and provide you with a list of all the deleted partition information.

The second step begins with a quick initial scan. This scan will take minutes to complete. It recovers all the files that you deleted and cleaned from the recycle bin on your PC. After this first scan, a second deeper scan will begin. This scan will sort through individual sectors to search for lost files and is so thorough that it will take a few hours to complete. If unnecessary stopping the process before completion is not recommended.

A final third step allows you to preview and select which files to recover and where to recover them too. You have the option to export the results, as well as import to perform yet another recovery without rescanning. Do not save the files to the drive or device from which the data was lost. This is a precaution in the event that the drive is damaged or compromised.

Through the EaseUS website you can easily follow their step by step guide and review their recovery guide and tips for deleted files recovery, formatted partition recovery, recovering data from RAW drive, memory card recovery, photo recovery, and NTSF/FAT partition recovery. There is even a list of devices that are supported that you can use to verify, these range from mobile devices, music and video players, iPods, Pen and Zip drives, and much more. You do have to have system and hardware requirements in order to run the program. Such as your operating system must be Windows 2003 or newer, a RAM of at least 128MB, disk space minimum of 32MB, CPU at least with x86, and a file system of FAT12/16/32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/3, HFS+. Don’t let the computer jargon turn you off though, this software’s user friendliness requires no previous experience in data recovery or even extensive knowledge of computer ins and outs, Simply install the program and it will guide you through each step in the process.

Whether you are in need of a full hard drive recovery or a recovery of a USB drive, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free edition will perform a thorough scan of your device and provide you with a list of all recoverable files. The service gives you peace of mind that not all is lost when accidentally deleting files or in the event of a computer malfunction in the middle of working on a long term project. For a free data recovery software, many users were pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and recovery capabilities, and so can you.