5 top smart home devices in 2017

Smart homes are not in the future. They are here already and are revolutionizing the way we live, work, eat and sleep, one simple step at a time. What might look simple comes backed up by big names and big technology.

Here’s our pick for the five top smart home devices this year.

  1. June Intelligent Oven – The home is where the heart is. This oven makes sure that cooking is no longer daunting or long-drawn. It comes with a built-in camera that sees what you’re planning to feed the family and gives you suggestions on how best to do it. The camera, along with sensors for temperature and time, let you see what’s cooking from your tablet, watch and phone, using the June app. You’ll get a notification on the phone when the meal is just about to get done, in time to gather the family. The June works three times faster to heat up food, thanks to its carbon fiber heating elements. It comes with an inbuilt scale and is safe to touch even during the cooking process. With each meal it makes, it updates itself offering you better suggestions the next time.
  2. Canary All-In-One Home Security Device – There are some great security options out there. The Arlo Pro and the August Smart Lock, the Netatmo Welcome and the Nest Cam. The Canary still wins for its competitive pricing and many features. This camera is more than just that. It sends video alerts to your phone, has a siren that’s loud at 90+ decibel, it clicks on when it detects motion, it also sends automatic messages to local authorities when required. It can arm and disarm as is needed. Apart from all this, it can be streamed in real time, has night vision and will even monitor the air, humidity, and temperature in your house.
  3. LIFX+Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb – This is no ordinary bulb; it comes with built in Wi-Fi, lasts for over two decades and can be controlled through Amazon’s Alexa and paired with Samsung Smart Things, and Nest. The bulb is bright (equal to a 75-watt bulb) and you can choose from among 16 million colors. Replace your regular bulb with it and you’re good to go.
  4. Eufy Robovac 11 – Cleaning is part of daily life and it can be a chore with pets. With Robovac 11, that’s no longer the case. Priced sensibly, the vacuum has a filter built for allergens, pet hair and danders, high suction power, sensors to bypass obstacle and prevent falling, 3 point cleaning system and over an hour of power.
  5. TP-Link Smart Plus Mini – Getting a smart home is as easy as plug and play, thanks to this device. Its free app, Kasa, lets you control devices that are connected to the TP-Link, even if the devices don’t qualify as ‘smart devices.’ Plug the Mini into the wall and switch it on. You can use the app to control this device and if you want to use voice controls, just link it to Google Assistant or Alexa. This device opens up a world of possibilities for the average home owner or renter.

There are so many smart home devices out there- check them all out and then decide what your home needs.


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