The View from Above: Top Tips for Awesome Aerial Drone Shots

The View from Above: Top Tips for Awesome Aerial Drone Shots
Image Credit - OLOGY®

Unless you get lucky with the right conditions at your first few attempts it can often be a steep learning curve when you first start out in aerial photography.

There are several aspects that have to come together for the perfect aerial drone shots so here is a look at how to shorten that learning curve a bit and follow some top tips that should help you capture an awesome view from above.

Plan your flight

If you are going to be flying your drone and capturing images it will be very important that you ensure that you have planned everything in advance and are up to date with laws and regulations applicable to your area.

There are numerous no-brainer reasons why compliance with the relevant laws is so vital, not least the fact that you don’t want to establish a bad reputation or worse for flouting the rules, also, you can focus on getting great shots once you know all the paperwork is done.

The right equipment for the job

It might seem an obvious thing to point out but if you don’t select a drone that is packed with the right features and tech to capture great images you are already hindering your chances of getting the right shot.

Search out the best drones with cameras so that you know which models can prove to be a reliable partner for your navigational and photographic skills.

You have a couple of clear choices when it comes to finding the right drone. Either get a drone that you are competent piloting and will accommodate your own photographic equipment, or get a model that has what you need already built into the drone.

Adjusting the settings

The obvious advantage of having a drone with an onboard camera is that it gives you the ability to adjust various settings using the console.

Being able to adjust settings like frame rate, resolution, exposure, and white balance will mean that you should be able to greatly improve the quality and sophistication of your aerial shots.

Having calibrated settings at your disposal is one of the quickest ways to accelerate your photographic skills in the shortest space of time.

Trust in your drone

Although most photographers ideally want to have a high degree of artistic control over what sort of shots they are capturing it does make sense to consider making use of a drone that has a smart mode.

A fully autonomous drone with smart settings could prove to be a useful tool in your efforts to get that perfect aerial shot. If you are still learning your trade as a photographer, using the drone’s brain to take photos and video while adjusting the camera for variables like wind, means you can focus on navigation and be confident that the aircraft is capturing the best available images.

Get a good post-production app

Although you want to get everything right first time around it should be remembered that an integral part of being a good photographer is being adept at editing your photos and videos.

Choose a suitable piece of software like Adobe Premiere or Photoshop and then spend a good few hours getting to know how it all works, so that you produce stunning professional aerial images every time.