How Solar Energy Is Transforming into The Next Big Thing

How Solar Energy Is Transforming into The Next Big Thing
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Are you surprised that solar is on the rise? You shouldn’t be; it’s estimated to become our majority energy source in the next 30 or so years. The growth is too rapid to ignore, as nearly two-thirds of all existing solar cells have been installed in the last six years!

And the cost? Well, it’s dropped by more than half over the last ten years. In a world full of uncertainty surrounding gas extraction and climate change, solar is looking better and better.

Avoid Creeping Costs

For a lot of us, the environmental perks are only made more attractive by the monetary benefits. On the whole, renewable energy is cheaper than forms like gas and coal. Going solar can protect you from electric bills that slowly creep higher and higher each year. No more surprises on your monthly bill; you can budget accordingly and stick to it.

And even better, as conventional energy costs do rise, you’ll see your savings increase. The sun is pretty predictable – it rises in the morning and sets in the evening, right? With solar, your energy bills can be just as predictable.

It’s Becoming Increasingly Accessible

Aside from the initial cost, the big thing preventing the average person from going solar is know-how. We’re so used to depending on companies to provide energy that the very idea of harnessing our own is quite daunting. That’s why solar service providers are gaining in popularity.

Looking at the reviews of SolarCity, as well as companies like Verango and SunPower, the appeal is clear. You don’t have to make a large investment up front, and installation and maintenance aren’t your responsibility.

Many solar service providers also go the extra mile in ensuring that you’re doing everything you can to save money on energy costs. In some ways, they become your personal green energy gurus.

A Boom for Businesses

Saving on electricity costs for your home is one thing, but what about your business? That extra monthly utility bill can be the difference between packing your business in for good or enjoying commercial growth.

Business owners who use renewable energy to power their operations can qualify for some pretty enticing tax breaks. They can also take advantage of PBIs, power-based initiatives. With PBIs, business owners can actually get paid to generate renewable energy.

Finally, customers love green businesses! An increasing number of consumers are opting to vote with their dollars by spending with clean, “natural” companies. Simply letting your community know that your business is powered by the sun is sure to attract a whole new demographic to your door.

If you do check the reviews of SolarCity or other service providers, you’ll note that leasing your panels can be quite different than owning them. Whether or not these differences are deal breakers will vary case-to-case, so stay the course and keep exploring options. The awesome power of the sun is promising a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. It’s time to reduce your overhead, increase your property value, lock in low rates, and stay ahead of the game.