10 Best Free Android and iPhone Apps of 2017

10 Best Free Android and iPhone Apps of 2017

Technology has been an ever-growing force of change in history since the invention of the wheel. No one then certainly could have dreamt of what they had put into motion. This year applications, or apps, that are offered on Android devices and IOS devices alike are pushing the boundaries by allowing ease of access to knowledge, medical decoding, and virtual reality.

Free Android and iPhone apps are certainly expanding our knowledge and allowing us to access information that, up until recently, seemed to be worlds away. For those looking to upgrade their free apps on their Android devices then look no further than free Google play credits. A few ways to access them are by simply downloading more apps to try. Some that will reward you free credits just for use are Cubic Reward, AppNana, FreeMyApps. Other than those, here are a few educational free Android and iPhone apps:


Plantnet is like Shazam, but for plant life. Using software developed by scientists in France who were concerned with the dying botanist population, the app allows you to identify flora found on your strolls through the woods, jogs on the beach, and naps in your backyard. Plantnet is sure to expand even further this year as more users flock to learn about the world around them.


Quizlet allows users to upload their own flashcards as well as search thousands of subjects of study. There’s a new feature that enables the user to set a due date for when they need to have mastered the material. This feature known as Quizlet Learn tracks progress and offers a variety of difficulty in the material so that learning continues at an appropriate pace.


Math will always be exact in its methods and answers. And math will always be the most difficult language to learn for most of us. Photomath is a revolutionary calculator that takes a picture of a math problem and solves it. The app explains how it is solved as well. A newer feature even runs handwriting recognition. Photomath is definitely changing the face of learning one snap and click at a time.


Language learning has never been easier with the introduction and rising popularity of Duolingo. The app is easy to use, free, and addicting. Duolingo allows users from all over the globe to learn around 20 different languages conveniently wherever they wish. From brushing up on basics to mastering the majority of language, all levels of commitment are offered with Duolingo.


Face2Gene is aimed at medical professionals but is too revolutionary to not mention. The app itself was created by the same people who brought you facial recognition software to Facebook. The app takes a patient’s face and runs a comparison program to find any genetic similarities to diseases or disorders that often have a “tell-tale face”. The feature most professionals are floored by is the program’s ability to detect the onset of autism in infants as young as a year old. This app with its revolutionary software will no doubt lead a new charge in the medical world that will help us all give our loved ones the help and understanding they need from the start of life.

10 Best Free Android and iPhone Apps of 2017


Keeping connected to the ones we love has never been easier with WhatsApp. The app itself has been popular with youth for a couple of years however it’s steadily gaining recognition from adult users as well. The app allows anyone from anywhere to chat with each other in real time. This is extremely useful as many families from European and Asian countries come the U.S. and Canada with family still in their homeland.


Fast food sales have been steady declining in recent years and it’s only about to get worse for major chains. UberEats continues to be a top choice for late night cravings as the app allows users to order takeout from almost anywhere – wherever you are, UberEats delivers.

Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story

Virtual reality gaming is a new platform that holds exciting possibilities. Sisters: A Virtual Ghost Story is delightfully terrifying as it takes users around the home of a notorious killer. The user of the app sets things into motion as they turn their head to explore. Not recommended for the faint of heart.


New York Times aims to change how we receive news and experience the world around us with their new virtual reality platform app. The app uploads dozen of new stories and 360 panoramic videos which take users around the globe all from the comfort of their own home.


Facebook has been on top of the app charts for years and doesn’t intend on going anywhere soon. This year Facebook had a facelift as they introduced their marketplace which allows users to connect their businesses, sell goods, and buy goods. It doesn’t look like the social media giant has any plans in the near future to decline on its popularity.

Today technology drives everything in our lives; even now, you’re probably reading this from your mobile phone as you bank funds, chat with someone overseas, and catch up on the latest trending network show. Apps that give quality to our time are definitely something worth taking into consideration, so make sure to get a look at least a few of the mentioned above.

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