Google Apps Most People Need, but Don’t Know About

Google Apps Most People Need but Don't Know About

There are so many apps out there, no one can keep up with all of them. If you’re curious about what wonderful things those app developers have come up with lately, here’s a heads-up.

Google’s apps for natural input

Some people just hate the on-screen keyboards on smartphones. It’s easy to unintentionally tap a neighboring key and get everything wrong. If writing comes far more naturally to you than typing, you should try Google Handwriting Input app that simply lets you scrawl on-screen whatever you want to say. If digital tools were always about letting you follow your natural rhythm, this app is one of the best.

Google Gesture Search is another useful app that helps you use handwriting, this time to search your phone for apps, contacts, movies, music and so on. You don’t even need to put those search terms in a search space. You only need to use your whole screen to write out a couple of letters. Gesture Search does the rest.


If Google Photos seems better now than ever before, it’s because they just bought Snapseed, perhaps one of the best photo editing apps on earth, and borrowed heavily from it. Snapseed still is the best photo editor out there. No matter what you want to do — crop, tweak, transform or filter — it’s the tool for the job.

My Maps

When you’re planning a trip to a new town and need to have a look around, My Maps lets you plan out routes in detail, marking out the paths that you will take and the things that you will see. When you get there, all you need to do is to follow your pre-planned routes.

Apalon’s Call Recorder

Everyone should try recording every call that they make (as long as it’s legal in their state). You never know when you might wish you could go back and make sure you heard correctly what someone said in a conversation. It can be a lifesaver at times to know that you have proof of something, as well. Apalon’s Call Recorder is one of the most heavily featured apps in this space (get it on Google Play).

Google Spotlight Stories

A VR headset for your phone lets you turn it into an immersive experience. If you have one of these, this app is for you. It provides you with a bunch of wonderful, immersive virtual-reality animations that you can have a blast with.

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you are the tech support guy that everyone in your family turns to, Chrome Remote Desktop is an app you’ll probably need. It helps you get on and virtually control any computer you want and operate it from your Android phone.

Finally, if your support role for your family seems to get out of hand, you should try Device Assist from Google, a kind of tech support app that explains how everything is done on different phone models.