Awesomely Addictive Apps You’ll Hate to Love

Awesomely Addictive Apps You'll Hate to Love


There are some things that you find annoyingly hard to put down and while that used to be a good book for many of us, plenty of us now suffer the same dilemma with some of the seriously addictive apps on your phone.

You might even curse yourself for loving your favorite apps so much but if you want hours of entertainment on demand, there are some great apps you can lose yourself with.

Here is a look at some of those apps that could become your go-to choice when you want some instant fun and something to occupy your mind. There is a not-so-boring numbers game, an app for finding all things viral, a coloring book for grown-ups, and a modern way to catch up on your reading.

Number crunching is not just for nerds

If you are looking for an app that will draw you in and take a challenge to addictive new levels and a game that is all about numbers but not in any way boring, 2048 is that app.

This number-shifting game seems a little dull at first glance, but appearances can be deceptive and this is a challenge that could soon have you hooked. Your task is to slide the number tiles together until you reach that elusive 2048 number, which sounds easy doesn’t it?

You will soon discover how difficult it is to quit this game until you find the right combination.

Feel free to procrastinate

If you want to find a good reason for putting off something that needs doing until later, Imgur is an app that will help you do nothing in particular for hours on end.

The app is simplistic in nature, as it gives you access to an eclectic collection of memes, viral videos, cute puppy pictures, you name it you can find it on this site.

So if you like browsing through images on the internet for no particular reason and want to perfect the art of procrastination, Imgur is the app that will occupy for hours.

A favorite childhood pastime updated for adults

There are lots of positive benefits attached losing yourself in a creative project like drawing and painting and adult coloring books have been shown to encourage you to practice mindfulness.

Take a look at this coloring book for Android phone and you can soon find yourself spending many pleasurable hours completing one of the many artistic challenges contained within the app.

Find your favorite read

If you are finding it hard to give up that old time wasting favorite of reading a book, especially when you are sat on a plane for a long-haul flight, for instance, you could at least update the experience by using your smartphone to access some decent reading material.

You don’t need to buy a separate eReader as you can download a free app that lets you read the latest best-seller without the need to carry a book around with you.

Your smartphone is an entertainment center and there are loads of apps that are almost annoyingly addictive but that doesn’t seem to matter when you are happily spending hours fixing puzzles, doing something creative, or just filling your brain with images and words.