3 Huge Problems of Driver-less Cars

3 Huge Problems of Driver-less Cars
Image Credit: Pixabay

From GM and BMW to Tesla, lots of car companies are making use of the incredible self-driving car technology. The hype has been somewhat mixed with people either embracing the technology eagerly and those who are skeptical of its safety. The promise of self-driving cars is very appealing because of the fact that it’s actually a very safe way to transport people.

The system still has a lot of obstacles to clear before we see modern society adopt these driverless cars completely. Creating these amazing cars takes a lot of technical expertise and patience, which the folks over at VP Exhaust have a lot of respect for.

Creating and Sticking to Maps is Problematic to Self-Driving Cars

The bright minds at google are coming up with a way to save the self-driving car’s power by creating maps that are programmed into the car’s navigational system. By having the car already preprogrammed to follow a certain course it frees up power for the car to have its sensors on. The sensors are scanning constantly to make sure the car is moving in along its path with no danger of hitting anyone.

Driving Is Complex and Requires Robots to Learn Tough Algorithms

There are many situations that are difficult for a computer to handle when it comes to the many variables of human behavior. A car that is programmed correctly would be so sensitive as to detect the hand motions signaled from a cyclist crossing the street. All the situations that are based upon making eye contact and deciding on a course of action are human tendencies that are hard to replace.

Bad Weather Ruins the Magic

Self-driving vehicles have their big selling points, like creating an efficient and safe way to move around without too much navigational responsibility. The drawbacks come with another unpredictable factor. The weather can make or break a self-driving car’s reputation as the ultimate in self-sufficiency. The sensors of the car will not do so well in heavy fog, rain, or snow which is even a challenge for human drivers as well.

Self-Driving Cars are Slowly Emerging onto the Scene

It would be a fair guess to say that not until the year 2020 will roads see any major spike in driverless cars. There are many problems that still need to be addressed. One of these being whether we can actually be safe in them. As cool and interesting as it is to be able to jump a car and have it take you wherever you wish, there’s still the human factor to contend with.

The technology will be available but not all at once. It takes time to make something that people use and feel safe trusting their lives with. Cars are not the only vehicle you may eventually see on the road in the future. There are talks about building self-driving buses and trucks that would travel along the highway. This is a way to save a lot of fuel and potentially usher in a new age of technical wonderment.