Pairing Problems? How to Make Your Smartphone Play Nice with Your Car

Pairing Problems? How to Make Your Smartphone Play Nice with Your Car

In an ideal world, you would step into your car and your smartphone will sync with the vehicle Bluetooth, giving you access to all of your entertainment and other functions within a matter of moments.

The problem that many of us find is that with such a variety of different models in terms of vehicle and smartphone variations, compatibility is not always guaranteed, which is why you might need a few pointers to help everything run smoothly.

Here is a look at how to successfully play music and take calls. There is an overview of common pairing issues, including getting your hands-free calling working, plus some troubleshooting and safety tips to consider.

Understanding pairing

Setting up a Bluetooth connection is called pairing and what you are doing is setting up an exclusive network that consists of one pair of devices.

Although you can pair one device to multiple other devices, it is worth remembering that each connection is unique and secure to one specific pair of devices, so pairing really is what it says and represents a relationship between two devices.

When you take delivery of a new Jeep Wrangler or whatever car you have decided to own, that will be the start of a new relationship between not just you and your vehicle but the devices you will be using in it, which is why you will want to ensure everything works properly.


If you are buying a new or recent model your car will most likely have an infotainment system installed and this will offer you Bluetooth connectivity so that you can pair your smartphone or other devices to the system and open up access to hands-free calling and other services.

All you need now is for your smartphone to have Bluetooth connectivity, which should be a given once you find the icon and turn it on so that it is enabled.

Talking to each other

Your primary aim is to successfully get your two Bluetooth-enabled products talking to each other.

The setup process you follow to make that happen will vary according to the way your infotainment system is designed and what type of phone you have. Some models make it easier and more automated than others and you might need some password details too.

Check your vehicle manufacturer’s instruction book to see whether there is a facility to simply press a button on the unit to start the pairing process. You can also use your phone to search for devices to see if it finds your car system and offers to pair with it.

Give it a try

If you are going to be making hands-free calls while on the go, which is the idea, of course, you should check that everything is working fine before you go anywhere.

Test your hands-free calling setup before you start your journey so that you confirm everything works fine and you can get used to how to make and receive calls using the shortcut buttons you might have on your steering wheel.

Bluetooth technology is great for safety and convenience in your car and pairing devices shouldn’t present too many challenges if you press all the right buttons in the beginning.