Technology Advancements to Expect in 2017

Technology Advancements to Expect in 2017
Technology Advancements to Expect in 2017

All throughout 2016, we experienced a high amount of disruption in technology, especially for the world that has become more digitized. It’s easy to see how 2016 showed us a little glimpse of what’s to come this year such as AI and 3D printing. But, to expand our future, we are required to help set technology to play and the only way we can accomplish that is by first knowing what the technological possibilities are.

Listed below are a few of those technologies that you can expect to see expanding in 2017.

The Incredible World of AI

It looks to be a fact that 2017 will begin to rule the world. Even Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has gotten into the action by coding his entire home with a virtual assistant. Although AI technology may seem very far away for some, it’s only a matter of time before we start to see drastic changes in the way we live in 2017.

Boost in Automation

There will be no doubt that after AI is the next big thing, total automation will follow. This has already begun to take place in the car manufacturing sector with the addition of automated, driverless vehicles. It’s only a matter of time when we begin to see much more complex automation occurring.

We’ll begin to see automation for in-home and in-office use as well.
This will boost the overall productivity for bigger projects that have been bogging people down. New heights will also be reached due to the advancement of AI and automation which will increasingly decrease the amount of time that a human needs.

Virtual Reality’s Comeback

2017 may bring VR back into our lives permanently, transforming the New Year into an alternate reality. A few companies have already gotten into the game by offering VR gear during the holiday season.
There will be numerous uses for virtual reality including the workplace. Who knows, your next meeting could be held virtually from the comfort of home.

Virtual Reality made a strong comeback in 2016, which means that 2017 will surely give us all the “shock and awe” effect. It has certainly advanced enough to make permanent residence in your home. With VR invading our home technology rapidly, businesses are sure to take advantage of this advanced information delivery system.

Advanced 3D Printing

We can expect to see an increase in 3D printing throughout 2017 especially with the constant decline in natural resources. 3D printing can change the way we use resources in so many fields including healthcare and construction. Thus making processes more automated and less cumbersome.

Many companies have already begun to use 3D printing to help create implants, car parts, and hearing aids. It is also estimated that at least 51% of manufacturers in the US already have 3D printing incorporated into their products creation. By 2022, the 3D printing market is predicted to reach a value well over $30 billion dollars.

The way things are looking, that figure could easily be below the real figure we will soon see.

Digital Biometrics

Soon, we will see that our fingerprint will be our key to unlocking the digital world. Also, all of your identifying information will soon be stored biometrically. We can see the process already unfolding through Apple’s thumbprint security which allows the owner to unlock their iPhone using their fingerprint.