10 Best Ways to Increase Your PC’s Performance

10 Best Ways to Increase Your PC’s Performance

Having a slow and non-responsive PC is the worst thing to happen. When you just want to browse the net or play games, you don’t want any disruptions and issues. So, what to do when your PC’s performance is not quite what it should be? Here are 10 ways to increase performance and guarantee speed is not an issue when you are using the computer.

1. Keep things updated

When it comes to running programs, you always should be using the newest version available. You can speed up the computer and ensure things run smoothly simply by ensuring all programs are up to date. Most programs have an automated system for checking updates – don’t keep pressing that “later” button, but get things updated immediately.

2. Defrag the hard drive

It might sound like a complicated term from science fiction, but defragging is actually a simple act to boost computer performance. The program is built in your Windows and you won’t need to press more than one button to get it all done.

3. Clean temporary files

Whenever you download something or install things on the computer, you create temporary files. But these files can start clogging up the system and you should regularly clean and delete the folder. You can find tips online for different operating systems.

4. Use a proper virus protection

If you use the PC to connect to the Internet, you need to use virus protection. There are plenty of options out there and the right program to use can depend on what you do with the PC. Generally, Avast is a great option to keep in mind. Regularly check the computer for malware and keep your virus protection on and updated at all times.

Don’t forget to be smart when browsing the net. You can find plenty of tips on how to best avoid malware and viruses, and it’s about time to learn them. Online security is not a joke anymore (if it ever was!).

5. Buy a new graphics card

For better performance, the graphics card or video card makes a huge difference. Especially if you use the PC for playing games or watching many videos, an up to date video card is crucial and it adds pleasure to your user experience. GizmoCrazed has plenty of good guides to finding the right graphics card.

10 Best Ways to Increase Your PC’s Performance


6. Uninstall programs you don’t use

If you’ve stopped using a program and you know you aren’t coming back for it, just get it out of the system. Not only do these programs take space unnecessarily, they could be running it the background without you even knowing it. Just like you shouldn’t be hoarding things around the house, stop doing it with software and programs on your computer.

7. Cool it down

Performance can be hindered by overheating, so if you find your computer slowing down, it might be due to heating issues. Make sure the airways are not blocked by dust or structures, such as walls. If clearing the area and cleaning the tower doesn’t provide much difference, you can update your cooling system. Just ensure the fans you choose have enough room to fit into your existing tower solution.

8. Add more RAM

You can boost the performance by adding more RAM. This increases the size of your PC’s working memory, which means it can work with more things at once. Adding more RAM isn’t even expensive if you use the offers from uk.crucial.com. With less than £40, you can enjoy better performance.

9. Install AdBlocker

The Internet is full of ads and by installing AdBlocker, you can ensure they don’t clog up your system and hinder performance. The software is easy to download and install. Furthermore, it works away quietly in the background when you are browsing the net. The system also allows you to allow ads on certain sites – if you want to support local journalism, then you can just unblock that site.

10. Get faster storage

When it comes to performance issues, the speed of your disk is the most crucial aspect. The cheapest and often the easiest way of doing this is with an SSD. If you want faster performance and more room for storage, an updated SSD can be a quick and fast solution. The great thing about SSDs is how there are plenty of options for different budgets – ensuring you can spend as much or as little as possible and still see a noticeable difference in performance.

The above tips are easy to implement and they won’t break your budget. If you don’t want to buy a new computer, or if your new PC is acting up, the tips are worth checking out. You can boost performance and speed in an instant and ensure a better user experience.