The impact of technology on communication

The impact of technology on communication

Wearable technology has quickly gone from The Terminator movie set to quickly becoming a normal part of our everyday life.

How far into the future do we have to look for this same technology to be embedded under our skin?

The time is now and with the subtle and socially acceptable entry into society, nobody will be surprised to see this quickly become the norm.

You can put a phone away or take off a watch in social settings, and at work or school, you are sometimes made to do so.

Impact of Technology on Communication in Relationships

Over the past several years, the rules of etiquette have eroded

With the device being part of our being, how will common courtesy be affected in our day to day lives?

With the invention of the telephone, there were certain rules that we used to adhere to as a common courtesy to others around us.

It was unacceptable to take a phone call while the family sat around eating dinner or while in a meeting.

Now people can almost effortlessly text anyone they like without anyone around them knowing.

If you cannot text at that time, it is easy to excuse yourself and text while in the bathroom for instance.

It is maybe not acceptable but it is very common now for people to be texting gossip about somebody right in front of them without them even knowing.

If a person goes out on a blind date and it is not working out so well, there is an app that you can launch that will make a call to you with false claims of an important reason you need to end the date.

Impact of Technology on Communication at Work

In hunting for a job, technology has completely changed the proper etiquette that once upon a time could have been the deciding factor in landing a job.

Resumes went from something you took serious consideration on what type of paper you should print them on, to never even seeing ink or toner.

Forget the thank you card that would be meticulously handwritten after an interview, it is now socially acceptable to email that same sentiment or text message for that matter.

Technology has easily relieved many uncomfortable confrontations in life.

Maybe that blind date did workout and you begin a relationship, that same person can easily break up with you over text message.

The boss that hires you without ever having touched your resume, well he can certainly fire you without even looking you in the eye.

Without the app, the blind date may continue because she couldn’t stand to tell him.

But as the evening goes on, she starts finding him more interesting and gives him a chance.

Or the boss couldn’t bear to look a man in the eye and tell him he was being let go knowing he has a family at home to support?

It appears technology has made the world a bit cruel in some aspects.

The future of technology will no doubt make life easier but how will it affect our respect for one another when it takes away uncomfortable situations that we would experience face to face?