Future Internet of Things Wearables

Future Internet of Things Wearables
Finger touch on the screen of the smart watch Designed by Freepik

As the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, newer technologies are rapidly emerging.

One example of this type of technology that ties directly into the Internet of Things is called wearables.

Wearables are defined as “networked devices that can collect data, track activities, and customize experiences to users’ needs and desires” (SSRN Electronic Journal).

By directly wearing ‘smart’ objects, people can access technology and data wherever they are, whenever they want.

Wearable technology is already being used daily by many people, will only grow in popularity and form as technology progresses.

When someone says wearable technology, the first thing that often comes to mind is a smart watch, which is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Smart watches are a great example of wearables because, like the Apple Watch, people can access apps and even their smartphone information by using the watch around their wrist.

There are also less sophisticated smart watches that exist only to monitor the wearer’s heart rate, steps, calorie intake, carbohydrate intake, and so much more.

For obvious reasons, fitness people love these watches because they can help them keep track of, and monitor, all of their fitness and health habits.

However, smart watches are not the only type of wearable technology.

For instance, we have also seen the use of Bluetooth headsets, smart glasses, wearable cameras, and so much more.

Most of these devices perform certain specialized tasks, most of which a smartwatch can also perform.

For example, smartwatches can serve as headsets, but that is not their primary use, as it is for Bluetooth headsets.

Smartwatches can also function as cameras, but again, that is not their primary use, as it is for wearable cameras.

Wearables will surely become a more important type of technology as time progresses and the Internet of Things evolves.

If we can also see the evolution of something like Google Glass, which has since its release become less popular, then people may begin replacing their current articles of clothing and accessories with smart clothes and smart accessories.

Overall, wearables are a fairly new and odd type of technology that people have yet to see the full potential of.

It being used and evolving every day, will continue to evolve as technology changes over time, and will directly influence a wide variety of people working in different professions.

There are many different types of wearable technologies on the market today and new ones are still being produced, but I think what people really want is the one gadget that does everything.

And, I think when this product is produced, wearables will be a fundamental part of everyone’s’ daily lives.

Right now, it’s an unsteady technology that’s not as popular as it could be, but over time, I think it will become something like smartphones that people today can’t seem to live without.