Modern Instrumentation Applications of Motion Systems

Modern Instrumentation Applications of Motion Systems

The ability to measure different types of materials with precision is key to accurate data collection. Even the slightest inaccuracies could compromise the results of important research projects, something that industries such as pharmaceuticals and biomedicine must avoid at all costs. Faulty readings and conclusions could give certain populations a false sense of security, leaving them vulnerable to all types of danger. That is why many industries now rely on instrumentation via electric motor technology solutions. Here are just some of the different ways these systems are utilized for different applications.

Dosing and Dispensing Systems

These systems are used in a wide variety of industries such as chemicals, electronics, and even automobiles. These machines are also used in the pharmaceutical industry, where even a single excess drop could completely change the composition of certain medicines. Regardless of the field, precision is crucial to ensuring that the final product is perfectly composed of the right amount of each ingredient or material. Otherwise, these products may display certain defects due to poorer quality output.

Though this process can be done manually, it is not the most productive or precise method available. This type of procedure is best left to a machine that can guarantee consistent, repeatable results. Thus, dosing and dispensing systems must have reliable motor solutions that allow for more accurate dosing and mixing without sacrificing turnaround time.

Gas Detection

Most people can detect the presence of a gas leak due to the undesirable smell it causes. This is because gas suppliers intentionally add a chemical that makes the gas smell bad in order to make it easier to detect. However, there are certain gasses that occur naturally and cannot be detected by sight or smell, such as radon. Because people rarely ever realize that this gas exists, they may have already been inhaling large amounts of this dangerous gas without realizing it. Thus, portable gas detectors powered by motor solutions may be the key to saving households and businesses from combustible gasses and radiation. Because these are lightweight and portable, they can help find these unseen threats before it’s too late, regardless of location.


Many industries are now investing in technology that allows them to work at smaller and smaller sizes. Whether it’s used to develop indestructible fabric or study the smallest living structures of the human body, microscopes are essential to examining specimens up close. Manually adjusting the microscope each and every time can be a time-consuming process, one which can, fortunately, be automated.

In order to properly control the lens and aperture of this device, however, one needs a system that can provide high acceleration and low inertia. Thus, a step motor solution that incorporates disc magnet technology can provide positional accuracy for microscopes, all in a relatively compact design.

Instrumentation is sometimes taken for granted, but as with any other process, it requires only the latest technology for best results. Though they may cost quite a bit at first, these systems will pay off for themselves in a relatively short period of time. With better accuracy and quicker turnarounds, you can increase your profits while putting your employees’ skills to use in more productive pursuits.