Uber’s autonomous cars offering free rides to lucky passengers

Uber's autonomous cars offering free rides to lucky passengers

Today, Uber’s self-driving autonomous cars began picking up passengers in Pittsburgh, PA.

As part of their bid to build an empire that consists of cars that drive themselves, Uber just launched partially self-driving taxis.

Don’t get too excited about taking one for a spin yourself, an engineer will be in the driver’s seat to get things started and make corrections if the car makes a mistake.

To clarify, the car is the one doing the driving, but humans are needed for oversight.

Hoping to hire the taxi yourself? That may be difficult, as individuals will be randomly assigned a self-driving car when they request an UberX ride on their app.

Passengers who take a ride in the experimental self-driving cars will get their trip for free.

Notably, Uber plans to install self-driving kits into existing vehicles rather than build fully autonomous cars from the ground up.