5 Must have programs to use with Windows 10

5 Must have programs to use with Windows 10 2

You’ve got some shiny new computer hardware running a new operating system: Windows 10. To make your computing experience the best it can be, set up your new Windows 10 device with some great programs and add-ons. Before the device gets glitchy, install system cleaners and virus protection. Choose the best browser, and don’t forget to find secure storage for your data.

Google Chrome

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You can’t do much on your Windows 10 computer without a web browser, and Google Chrome is winning all the popularity awards right now. With seamless Google Drive integration, a huge list of add-ons and apps, and an overall attractive look, Chrome should be your go-to for web browsing. Other options include Mozilla Firefox (the favorite from about a decade ago) and Internet Explorer (which people used in the early 2000s).

Virus Protection

Whether you choose AVG, Malwarebytes, WebRoot, McAfee, Norton, or another antivirus program, you need a line of defense against malware. In fact, many people install multiple virus and malware shields on their computers these days because of the sheer number of virtual threats. Even if you only use the internet for social media and email, that’s enough to make you vulnerable to a host of problems, so do not skip the virus protection.

Cloud Storage

Drag-and-drop storage is the new way to back up data. Cloud storage integrates with your computer interface, offering you a simple desktop folder with which to back up all of your files in your cloud account. You can then access them from any device with an internet connection. If you’re worried about cloud security, don’t be. All you have to do is learn more about the cloud and its security options, and you can adopt safe cloud computing practices easily.


Before your computer ever starts to lag, download CCleaner, a freeware program that cleans up your hard drive. CCleaner deletes files that you never use or that you don’t need, freeing up space so that your computer runs faster. Plus, it’ll take care of your internet privacy by wiping your history and deleting cookies. You can also use it to clean up your registry if you start to notice system lag. Since it’s free (though you can upgrade to a paid version) and it only requires a couple clicks to run, you have no reason to put off installing it.


Recuva is almost the opposite of CCleaner. It helps you recover accidentally deleted files and recover files from corrupted, damaged, or reformatted discs. Plus, Recuva will delete files from your computer so thoroughly that Recuva itself can’t call them back into being. Recuva, like CCleaner, is free, but there’s also a paid version with more features.

Now you have strategies for safely surfing the internet, keeping your computer clean, storing your most precious files, speeding up your computer, and recovering lost data. You’re officially ready to use your Windows 10 device — now you can focus on learning all of Windows 10’s impressive features.