Free Education For All

Free Education For All 2

In the age of the internet, the world’s information is simply at the tip of your fingers.

With such a wealth of information available, the argument that it’s no longer necessary to attend a university to obtain a degree seems to be stronger than ever.

Some of the world’s most successful and influential people all either dropped out or didn’t attend college at all.

Of course, that’s not to say that they are the norm.

For every drop out that succeeds, there are much more who do not; however, the point remains. With so much information and such easy access to it, it is possible to learn almost anything without college.

To that end, it seems that the future of education is slowly driving away from conventional teachings and moving towards the web.

Case in point, MIT has recently made the world’s access to information, quality teachers, and lectures even more instant and free.

Called the ‘Open Course Ware’ publication, the website is a hosting of over 2,200 MIT courses from the past 15 years.

Every course is categorized by topic, course number, department and offers an incredibly vast array of subjects to learn.

From courses such as Relativistic Quantum Field Theory to Music Recording Techniques & Audio Production, you can watch lectures, read study materials.

Take exams from nearly every single course offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With an Ivy League education like this at the tip of your fingers, this begs the question why attend college? Why should one pay and get into debt with student loans when it is possible to take the courses of your interest and learn from one of the top universities in the world for free.

Go to the OCW website, decide what you want to learn, create a structure for yourself to move through the course, buy any required textbooks from Amazon, and get to it.

The exams are the same exams that the MIT students take.

If you have the right motivation and drive, you can learn at an Ivy League level essentially for free.

Now if we break down an education from a university such as MIT according to the guidance, connections, and the sheer value of having a degree that comes along with it this becomes an entirely different conversation.

Of course, many job applications require a college degree, which is a major factor when it comes to obtaining employment in the United States and around the world.

Of course, if more emphasis is placed on the interview and knowledge rather than having attended college, a larger pool of qualified applicants might open up.

Many forward-thinking companies are beginning to remove the requirement for an official degree and are relying more on experience and well-executed interviews to obtain qualified employees.

With the access to information in today’s world and some self-motivation, you can learn at an incredibly high level.