Nanotechnology in Hydrophobic coatings protects your car both inside and out

Nanotechnology in Hydrophobic coatings protects your car both inside and out

Considering the problems faced in the upkeep of a car, the list of those problems is endless. If we look at the steps taken to eliminate these problems, one among them is making your car waterproof. This can be done by using some sprays and paints which will make your car reflect water without any hiccup. The Superhydrophobic coating and nano coatings for your car are made from modern nanotechnology and are designed to imitate the lotus effect. The coating which is prepared is water based and colorless solution which is made to protect your car from dirt, stains, and other contaminations. After going through certain modifications, the coating which is prepared is not only easy to clean but also provides long time effectiveness against contaminations.

Hydrophobic coatings for car’s windshield

Once the superhydrophobic coating is applied to the windshield of the car, consider it as the invisible wiper of the car. This coating is mostly available in the form of sprays and is made from the all new nano SiO2, which gives your car hydrophobic and easy-to-clean properties. Driving your car in the rain can no longer be a problem because this coating can deflect the water and keep the windshield clean which in result increases the visibility. This coating has a highly effective bonding with the glass or the surface to which it is applied which makes it highly durable and long lasting. It is also designed in such a way that it can withstand high temperatures, abrasions, and UV resistance.

Hydrophobic coating for car’s body

To protect your car’s body from UV radiation, abrasions, and other pollutants; the Superhydrophobic coating is very effective in dealing with the problems caused due to acid rain and cleaning agents. As mentioned before, these coatings are highly adhesive to the surface to which they are applied and this why they last longer.

Interior protection of the car and glass

These coatings can be used inside the car to protect the lavishness of the car’s interior and the glass from inside. As these coatings have the capability to clean themselves, they can be used inside the car to protect the interior from any foreign element such as dust and dirt making your car forever new. On the other hand, the creation of small pockets of moisture on the windshield or any other glass due to a sudden change in the temperature can be a cause of the problem. These coatings are designed to prevent the buildup of any moisture.

Benefits obtained from using this product

• Shiny and long lasting gloss.
• “Easy-to-clean” effect due to the invisible protective layer formed.
• Cost effective in a way that money is saved which is otherwise used on the aftercare products.
• Saves time since the surface of the car cleans itself after coming in contact with rain or dust.
• The hydrophobic properties make the car clean itself during rain
• Protection against UV rays, dust, and environmental pollutants.
• Eco-friendly
• Highly transparent which many no traces of the coating applied.
• Highly durable (lasts up to 3 years).

These coatings have improved the quality of the surface of the car and reduce the efforts involved in cleaning them. The users of the cars now don’t have to worry about the bird droppings, crushed insects, and dirt because the surface of the car cleans itself. Once applied, it can also reduce the cost involved in buying the cleaning products.