Google’s self-driving cars can now honk at you

Google's self-driving cars can now honk at you

To train its honking algorithm, the team tested a variety of honk-worthy situations, like a car backing out of a blind driveway or a car headed the wrong way down a one-way street.

At first, the car would play a little honk sound inside the vehicle so engineers could record whether there was a legitimate need for a noise and provide teaching feedback.

“Our goal is to teach our cars to honk like a patient, seasoned driver,” the team wrote in the report.

“As we become more experienced honkers, we hope our cars will also be able to predict how other drivers respond to a beep in different situations.”

To create the basic sound, the team has tried adapting everything from Orca sounds to ambient art sculptures, but they apparently haven’t landed on a distinct “Voice” for the vehicle yet.