SMRT To Introduce 24-Seaters Driverless Cars In Singapore

SMRT To Introduce 24-Seaters Driverless Cars In Singapore

SMRT Services just announced that it is partnering with 2Getthere Holding to bring in automated vehicle systems into Singapore.

According to the press release, what we might be seeing by the end of the year are Group Rapid Transit vehicles tested on the roads.

The new Singapore-based JV called 2getthere Asia Pte Ltd will market, install, operate, and maintain the Automated Vehicle systems for customers in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific. The JV aims to showcase 2getthere’s 3rd Generation Group Rapid Transit vehicle capabilities in Singapore by the end of the year.”

These GRT vehicles can carry up to 24 passengers each, and can operate as a low-cost automated transit system that can cater for up to 8,000 passengers per hour in any single direction.

What we also do know is that these GRT vehicles, which are similar to automated minibuses, can travel at a speed of 40km/hr.

These vehicles are earmarked to be designed for airports, campusesresidential, resort and industrial park networks.

According to 2Getthere Holding, the height of the vehicle allows for the air-conditioning to be integrated into the roof while leaving ample room to accommodate standing passengers comfortably.

There are also automated doors, featuring a wide opening, to accommodate wheelchairs which can be integrated on both sides of the vehicle.

The vehicles are completely driverless and automatically guided by 2Getthere’s proven magnet based navigation system.

There are key safety features to ensure the security of passengers, including an obstacle detection system.

Managing Director, SMRT Services Colin Lim shared thatThere is a growing national push to implement future mobility solutions that can meet our first and last-mile connectivity needs in Singapore. As part of the JV, SMRT Services will leverage on our experience in installation, operations and maintenance of transit systems to realise these solutions locally. The Automated Vehicles will complement our existing multi-modal transport operations to bring about seamless connectivity for commuters.


Source – VulcanPost