Tesla’s Model 3 will boast a 200-mile range, cost $35,000

Tesla’s Model 3 will boast a 200-mile range, cost $35,000 2

There is another excuse to anticipate the unveiling of Tesla compact sedan.

CEO Elon Musk announced that the Model III would help attain a range of approximately 200 at the very least after it is charged once.

Musk hopes that it would be able to exceed that range with ease and grace.

The most economical version of the vehicle called Model S is capable of a driving range of 253 miles.

Compared to that, Roadster is capable of going 245 miles.

Given the fact that Model III is less costly, a range of over 200 miles is quite good.


Also, Musk unveiled another essential aspect of the vehicle: the price. Model III will set you back by $35,000 when it is revealed in March, 2016 and delivered the next year.

This price point beats that of Chevrolet Volt that is said to cost $38,000 and boast a range of 200 miles.

Tesla expects a drop in prices of the battery as well as enhanced charging infrastructure.

Musk highlighted the fact that charging stations are required in places such as travel checkpoints and offices.

Model X crossover is expected to start deliveries before Model III arriving at Tesla dealerships.


Tesla is expected to sell a considerable amount of Model III vehicles if something horrendously unexpected does not happen.

They would hope that no hindrances come along the way as any holds would mean that Tesla misses out on the chance to own the long range EV market.

Unlike automakers such as Toyota and BMW, Musk believes that using hydrogen fuel cells is not a sensible idea given the cost and complications of their development.

He explained the complicated process involving: “Splitting water, taking the hydrogen, dumping the oxygen, compressing that hydrogen to an extremely high pressure or liquefying it, and then putting it in a car and running a fuel cell.”

Source: DigitalTrends